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WAS Admin Console is available on WebSphere_Portal AS by default!

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on June 14, 2007

I am embarassed to admit this but I had not realized that the WebSphere Application Server administrative console is available on the WebSphere_Portal application server by default in a standard WebSphere Portal v6 install. This enables you to administer the WebSphere_Portal application server without requiring you to have another application server instance (by default, server1) running. This is especially useful on a test box or a developer box with limited RAM. Additionally, it simplifies various administrative tasks which require the administrative console to be running on the same application server as the one you are trying to administer – an example situation is where you are trying to start and/or stop web applications from the admin console. If you want to start/stop web applications installed on WebSphere_Portal, you cannot do so from the admin console on server1. So, I am definitely happier with this improvement! Yes, I know there were other workarounds such as installing the admin console application manually, but I like the OOTB experience …

The default port used for this communication on WebSphere_Portal is 10027. The WebSphere Administrative Console can be accessed from two application servers:

I learned about this feature from this technote that I discovered through the WebSphere Portal support feed. If you work extensively with WebSphere Portal, I strongly recommend subscribing to this feed.


4 Responses to “WAS Admin Console is available on WebSphere_Portal AS by default!”

  1. Krishna said

    Hi Vivek, Good to find ur blog.
    Yeah coz of the profiling concept in WAS V6.0, we don’t have to start the server1 at all. But administrating the portal applications … like start/stop can be done in earlier versions of portal as well. For this instead of standard admin port, we need to use a different port. I don’t remember the port numbers, sorry. But you can find in Server properties-> thn ports after you login to the std admin console.
    If you are talking abt runnding the server for development, you can turn off many settings like WCM to speed up the server and the development process.


  2. John Daniells said

    Vivek – just found your site and will keep it bookmarked for useful info on WebSphere Portal.
    Now – I have a question that you may be able to help with:
    staging PDM data from a pre-prod cluster to a production cluster ?
    i.e. I have a WCM library referencing PDM documents in a pre-prod environment.
    I can syndicate the WCM content – but how do I ‘syndicate’ the PDM data ?

    The only inforcenter help involves a laborious/manual process – is there a better way to do this ? are there any issues I should be looking out for ?

    I would be really grateful for any advice you could give me.

  3. anandkumar said

    this is anand at the time of websphereportalserver v6 fedareted to WASv6.0.2.29 dmgr what is the admin console [port no:] of websphereportalserver v6 .

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