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Yet another WebSphere Portal startup issue/resolution

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on June 30, 2008

A short and sweet entry to document the quick and easy resolution for the situation where you encounter the following error starting up the WebSphere Portal service on Windows –

The IBM WebSphere Application Server V6 – WebspherePortal service terminated with service-specific error 134221464 (0x8000E98).

This is a problem where the service fails to start up, and the failure occurs real quickly. Essentially, the WebSphere Portal java process is not even kicked off and you do not find any logging in profiles\${profile_name}\logs\WebSphere_Portal\startServer.log for the WebSphere Portal server. I have encountered this a few times, and usually for me, the issue has been related to an ungraceful shutdown of WebSphere Portal. I have restarted my Portal VMWare VM unexpectedly and the file is left in the profiles\${profile_name}\logs\WebSphere_Portal. The resolution for this issue is to simply delete the pid file and to restart the service.

13 Responses to “Yet another WebSphere Portal startup issue/resolution”

  1. Racked my brain for hours on this. Wish I would have found this link sooner. This fixed my problem without a hitch.

    Thank you.

  2. Jerry Johansson said

    It solved our problem. I just deleted that bloody file and it’s up and running again…

    Thank you.

  3. Mark See said

    I’d like to thank you also for publishing this; I found it within about 15 minutes. Deleted the pid file then Websphere started right up. My case happened when I applied w2k3 sp2 and now realize I should have manually stopped the services before doing the sp update.
    thank you

  4. mikesh said

    hey thx. alot its really helpful

  5. Uri said

    Thanks – I found your post and was able to bring the server up just in time!

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  7. thanh said

    Thank you!!!

  8. Kushagra said

    Thanx …Worked like a Charm

  9. Jerry said

    Thank you! This surely saved me hours and spared me a headache.

  10. Parveen said

    Thanks !!!! Very helpful…. Saved lot of time..

  11. J_V said

    helped me resolve production issue! you are awsum

  12. venkateswararao said

    hi i am facing the issue when i have the custom theme but i am selecting the menu 1st time it’s working but u navigate the second page second page is displayed then i need to select the menu an other time but i need to navigate 1st page but i am getting only second page still stay the second page only

  13. Mark said saved me hours 🙂

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