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Encountering a silent error on login in Oracle Enterprise Manager Console

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on July 2, 2007

I ran into a weird issue today with Oracle Enterprise Manager Console (EMC) today. I had the EMC (v9.2.0.6) open in the standalone mode, and when I would attempt to connect to a database instance entering my login credentials nothing would happen!!! I would enter my user name and password, and click “Ok” but I would fail to connect to the database instance with no error message. This had me baffled and thinking that we may have a JVM incompatibility issue given that I had run into a somewhat similar error with Oracle 8i install on Pentium 4 processors back in the day. You would click “Setup” to run the installer and nothing would happen – that issue turned out to be a Pentium 4 bug that affected the JIT compiler bundled with Oracle 8i. Anyways coming back to the issue from today, once I got over this hangup of suspecting a JVM issue, I ran the EMC in the debug mode –

oemapp debug console

I then attempted to connect to a database instance to produce the following exception stacktrace on the command window from where I ran the EMC –

NVFactory: _readNVPair expected )

NVFactory: _readNVPair expected )

NVFactory: _readNVLiteral expected LITERAL



at )

at a)



Searching for this exception in Google yielded exactly one result – and there I found the solution to my problem. As per this posting, the error is caused by misconfigured tnsnames.ora or listener.ora. Once I had this clue, fixing tnsnames.ora and getting past the issue was straightforward.


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