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Resolved an exception stacktrace related to Quickr/WebSphere Portal search tables

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on July 14, 2008

Recently we wanted to duplicate an existing Quickr test server from one machine to another without going through the entire process of installing Quickr, configuring security, configuring an external web server, installing a fixpack and efixes, installing our custom applications, and preserving all the test Quickr teamplaces and content. We got this to work pretty cleanly by restoring a file system backup of Quickr and a backup of the Quickr DB2 database. We did this for one of our test servers, but ran into an exception when we tried to duplicate another test server. Read the rest of this entry »

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An administrator cannot always add a portlet to a Quickr place!

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on June 4, 2008

This is an issue that flummoxes Quickr newbies, and I had a couple of new team members run into it today. Figured that others run into this issue as well. Essentially, the natural expectation for most people is that as a Quickr administrator, they would be able to add portlets/components to any place irrespective of whether they created it themselves or whether somebody else created it. While you don’t have to be the owner of a team place, you do need to be member of the team “managers” role. If you are not in the manager role and you are not the team place owner, then you cannot add a portlet!
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How do you rename the Windows machine name for a DB2 v9.1.x database?

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on April 6, 2008

Recently, I installed Quickr v8.1 in a VMWare instance and wanted to share the VM with my co-workers. For this to work, I gave my original VM a generic hostname (quickr) and intended that once co-workers copied the VM over to their VMWare Server, they would end up renaming the hostname to avoid name conflicts on the network. However, I quickly realized that once I renamed the hostname from quickr to vivek-quickr, on the reboot, the DB2 instance failed to start up with this error – “db2start : SQL1022C There is not enough memory available to process the command.”. I did some quick googling to see if I could find the solution, but the results were not obvious to a DB2 newbie like me. I had installed quickr on Win2k3 R2 and I did not see anything obvious to help me – hence this note as it is actually very easy to get the DB2 instance to work after the rename.

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Lotusphere 2008 – here we come!

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on December 2, 2007

Lotusphere 2008 Just a quick blurb to say that I/Xtivia are headed to Lotusphere 2008 in Orlando, Florida on January 20-24, 2008. I have been to several IBM conferences over the years, but this will be my first Lotusphere. We decided to sign up as an exhibitor at Lotusphere and showcase our extensive capabilities with IBM WebSphere Portal, Lotus Quickr, Sametime, and Connections. We have various service offerings ranging from assessments to full-blown implementations that leverage these products in an effective manner and enable you to realize true value from your IBM Lotus and WebSphere investments. In addition to spreading the Xtivia message, I am hopeful that there will be compelling content for us to ingest, and that the conference will be a success all around. We have a major customer attending the conference as our guests – so I will be busy with them, but do hope to spend as much time as I can manage at our pedestal in the Lotusphere 2008 Product Showcase. If you are at Lotusphere, be sure to check out the Xtivia booth and say hello to me and the rest of the Xtivia team! 🙂 If you are launching a new initiative around any of the highlighted products or are just in need of seasoned consultants, I hope you will give Xtivia a chance to be your trusted partner. Yes – a total salesy entry – forgive me for that!

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How can I enable “change column width” on a WebSphere Portal/Quickr Page?

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on September 23, 2007

In WebSphere Portal v6.0 and Quickr Services for WebSphere Portal v8.0, the ability to set a Portal page column width is not enabled by default. I remember looking at it when WPv6 was released and was shocked that IBM had removed this capability. On looking at it further, I had realized that they had just not enabled it by default. I ran into it again with Quickr since it is based on WPv6 and having to recall what I had done to resolve the issue. Read the rest of this entry »

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