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Part 2: Does the Microsoft Outlook process not die when you close Outlook?

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on June 10, 2010

Sometime back I had blogged about the Outlook process not exiting when I closed Outlook, and while that posting covered one scenario (corrupted PST files) that can cause this issue, for the last few weeks I had been afflicted by this issue and scanpst was not the answer. I had suspicions about my Avast anti-virus add-in as in the past I have had issues with Outlook failing to exit due to an add-in, and that was an AVG add-in. However, turning off the Avast add-in did not help. Today, I just about had it with this issue and decided that I absolutely had to get to the bottom of it. So, I started disabling each of my Outlook add-ins one by one, and sure enough found the culprit!

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Does the Microsoft Outlook process not die when you close Outlook?

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on October 6, 2009

This is a quick blurb that may help somebody out with an issue that irks the heck out of me. I used to routinely encounter a problem with Microsoft Outlook 2003 on startup complaining -“The data file Personal Folders was not closed properly. The file is being checked for problems.” Outlook would then spend 30-60 seconds checking the file. While it would always pass the check, Outlook would not complete loading and allow me to read new messages until this check was done. It was more an irritant than anything else. Additionally, if I exited from Outlook, the Outlook process would never die off completely (unless I killed it in Task Manager or Process Explorer), compounding the problem further when I restarted Outlook.

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