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Need to decode WebSphere/Domino LTPA token for SSO?

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on July 15, 2008

I needed to implement Single Sign-On between IBM WebSphere Portal and HP Operations Dashboard (HPOD) without using a SSO product, and figured that we could do that using the LTPA token generated by WPE on login to the Portal. For LTPA token based SSO to work, we need to be able to decode the LTPA token on the HPOD front – HPOD is based on Jetspeed – in other words, we are looking at implementing SSO between WebSphere and Jetspeed. I was just getting ready to look up some info that I have from Jerry Cuomo on the LTPA token format, when I tried a quick Google search and found an even better answer. I stumbled upon a blog entry and functional code for LTPA token decoding at I downloaded the code, exported the LTPA keys from a test WPE server, copied the 3DESKey and our LTPA encryption password into LtpaUtils, logged in to the WPE test server, determined the LTPA token cookie value for test purposes, and was able to decrypt it just fine using LtpaUtils. And thanks to Cosmin, all of this took about 20 minutes!

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