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IBM Gold Consultant ProgramI am a Portal and Enterprise Software Solutions Architect and IBM Gold Consultant, working for Xtivia (a small consulting company) in Austin, Texas, USA. I have been working with IBM WebSphere, Lotus and Tivoli brand products for many years, and have extensive experience in applying these products in well-architected business solutions. I started working with IBM WebSphere Portal in its infancy in December 2001, and am an IBM Certified Solution Developer and Administrator for the WebSphere Portal platform. I have worked with several clients on multiple projects based on WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Portal, ranging from Proof-of-Concept to architecture and deployment of a multi-master, multi-site, clustered WebSphere Portal-based Corporate Intranet/Extranet. Other than working with IBM products, I have extensive knowledge and experience with using various J2EE technologies and Java/non-Java open source products/components to solve real client needs. Prior to working with Java and IT solutions, I worked for various semiconductor/electronic industry organizations –

  • At Cadence Design Systems I worked on design and implementation of various cutting edge ECAD software applications.
  • At AMD I built software applications for microprocessor architectural analysis and design, developed CAD tools for Automatic Test Pattern Generation, and developed fault simulation patterns in x86 Assembly language for the AMD K5 processor.
  • At Larsen and Toubro Limited (India) I worked on the hardware and software aspects of various electronic test instruments like a Logic Analyzer and PC-based memory emulator, which facilitate development of embedded software applications

I have a Master of Science from University of Texas at Austin (GO HORNS) in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

14 Responses to “About”

  1. andy said

    are you Vivek Agarwal who implement Multiscale Retinex with Color Restoration?

  2. malcolm said

    Are you still using (developing) with the Liferay Portal application? If not, do you know of any other local Austin JAVA developers who are familiar with this application?

    My company has developed an application from the LR Code Base and are looking to hire a resource to help make updates/changes to it.

  3. Jinesh said


    Can you please tell me how to get multiple instances of websphere running? I will try to explain what am I exactly asking.

    1. Create a VM on win2k.
    2. Install websphere 6.0 and all fix packs.
    3. The VM created above is master VM.
    4. I want to give this VM to a colleague but i want to change the name of the VM to avoid machine name conflict.
    5. Now my websphere won’t start.
    6. Can you please tell me how to get rid of this problem? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    If possible CC my email

  4. Vivek Agarwal said


    I have not run into this issue with renaming a WebSphere Portal v6 VM, where I have WAS v6 running. I have successfully changed hostnames without issues with WAS/WPE. This is odd to me! Can you send me the exception stacktrace?

    One thing you might consider doing is to add a “hosts” file entry pointing the old hostname to

    If the problem persists, you could look into using wsadmin to explicitly change the host name in the WAS config by following the instructions in the WAS InfoCenter. The issue with this approach is that each time somebody clones your master VM, they have to run this task.

    Do let me know how it works out for you. All the best!

  5. Jinesh said

    There is one more issue i am facing with IBM product.
    I installed DB2 on master VM and gave it to colleague only to find that he gets the foll error “SQL1042C An unexpected system error occurred.” I tried the steps given by you on your website but nothing seems to work. Can you please guide me?

  6. Dave Hay said

    Hi Vivek

    With this post: –

    you’ve made my life much much easier. I had to recover a Portal/Mashups server where a colleague had installed Active Directory and changed the DNS domain name, meaning that DB2 UDB 9.x would no longer start.

    I’ll blog my own findings more fully in the next day or so, but wanted to thank you personally.

    See you at Lotusphere ( if I’m very very lucky )

    Dave Hay

  7. srinivasan said


    We do have a browser-based intranet application running on Websphere Application server hosted on Linux machine.

    – Authentication / Authorization for the intranet application is done using the username / password stored in encrypted format in Oracle Database.

    – Now we want to enable the SSO, so that the username and password for the Client login [Active Directory login] is used.

    – So that within the AD, when the user opens the applicaton URL, the browser should automatically login without prompting for the username / password screen.

    Please give some insights on the possible implementations for the above.


  8. Girish said

    Hi Vivek,

    i am a security analyst and i was testing one of the IBM WebSphere portal in our office.The version of IBM websphere we are using is v5.1.During searching for vulnerabilites related to the IBM websphere portal in the internet, i found that there is authentication by pass vulnerability where i could elevate my prvileges to an administrator.I checked in the internet to see how this is done,but was unsuccessful.Could u please help me on this??

    Thanks in Advance,

    Girish K G

  9. Ranjith said

    Thanks for the document on offline application.

  10. raja said

    I am interested in working as a virtual websphere admin that your company offer.i would like to know if there are any openings now.

  11. Siddhartha said

    Hi Vivek,

    I am working on Lotus Products. And have installed WebSphere Portal at one of my clients. The Client now wants sorting order to be changed in Document Manager. The default display is on the basis of the file name. Whereas User wants it to be on the basis of date created or modified.

    Have been trying to find solution but till now have been unsuccessful. So will you be able to help me for the same.


  12. Houston said

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