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Mozy caused my Windows XP laptop to freeze during startup

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on March 14, 2009

Hey – no blogging for 5+ months and now 2 entries in a day!! Striking while the iron is hot.

You can never have enough backups – I am certainly a believer in that adage. My laptop backups consist of the following –

  • I manually create ghost images of my laptop onto an external USB hard drive once a month – these come in handy if the hard drive crashes or if Windows is corrupted. I keep the external hard drive at home.
  • I back up key folders on my laptop onto NAS storage at work using Robocopy – this is incredibly fast to backup large folders that only have small changes. And it is fast enough for large changes as well.
  • I back up my Outlook PST files using Retrospect onto NAS storage at work because of open file support.
  • I have recently started to back up Outlook PST files and other key folders using Mozy Home – in case you don’t know about Mozy, it is an EMC offering that provides secure, remote, online backups.

While I have never restored from Mozy, I certainly have had ocassion to use my other backups at various times. Mozy seems to be (to be verified) great insurance if things go horribly wrong!

Earlier this week, I suddenly had a problem with my laptop not rebooting cleanly. It sat on the black screen with the Windows logo and the blue progress bar forever. I tried giving it time (almost 20 minutes) but to no avail. I eventually rebooted into safe mode successfully, but even there Windows Explorer was taking a long time to open up. I ran chkdsk -f but that did not help me boot into normal mode.  I gave up pretty damn quickly and ended up just restoring my latest laptop image onto a spare Dell Latitude D830, and using a crossover cable between my two laptops to copy over the files (robocopy to the rescue to quickly sync over files). I was up and running on my spare laptop in ~4 hours.

But the next day, I installed a Windows update and had to reboot and to my dismay, I was stuck yet again on the reboot. After a little bit of digging, I finally tracked it down.

The previous week I had completed my inital Mozy backup that took almost a couple of weeks using the default backup sets recommended by Mozy. I then added a bunch of key folders to my backup sets, and one of those folders has a couple of hundred thousand+ files. I remembered that I had just added those folders to my backup sets on the day that my laptop froze on reboot, and I had another key data point that if I logged in using the local administrator account in safe mode, Windows Explorer would open up quickly where as it took 5+ minutes to open up using my domain account. I ended up editing my Mozy configuration such that I turned on the “don’t show restore menu in Windows Explorer” and the “don’t show the virtual drive in My Computer” options.  Once I did that and rebooted in normal mode, I was good to go! Obviously, the Mozy Home integration with Windows Explorer has some issues and/or limitations. For now, I am running without the restore menu and Mozy virtual drive, and I am good. I really do need to test out the Mozy restore to verify that works – a backup without a functional restore ain’t very useful! 🙂

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