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My new Dell Latitude D830 keeps freezing repeatedly! :(

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on June 9, 2008

I recently changed my laptop and got a new Dell Latitude D830 (with a Intel Core 2 Duo T9300, 4GB RAM, and a 160GB 7200 RPM hard disk) with Windows XP. I was initially very happy with my new laptop but in the last week I have been experiencing frequent system freezes – almost once a day and today had it happen twice! 😦 The laptop simply stops responding to mouse clicks/keys after running just fine for a few hours. The only way out is for me to hard reset the laptop. I have yet to see any kind of pattern to these freezes. It is extremely frustrating. I ran a memory test using memtest+ overnight for 8+ hours but everything looked fine. I have run some Dell diagnostics and have not found anything wrong yet. I plan to run more comprehensive diagnostics overnight. I also am running some perfmon logging with the hope that I might see something in the logs that might give me a clue. These problems sure seem hard to track down. Anybody have a clue on what I can do?

PS: Please read my comments below for updates and resolution – yes, the issue may be fixed finally.

PPS: August 3, 2008 update: Nope, the issue is not fixed!

PPPS: September 27, 2008 update: I am hopeful again that my issue has been resolved -read below for updates/resolution.

PPPS: October 5, 2008 update: Check out my follow-up post on a summary of my laptop freeze resolution steps.

109 Responses to “My new Dell Latitude D830 keeps freezing repeatedly! :(”

  1. Vivek Agarwal said

    Just a quick update to say that I ran more detailed Dell diagnostics overnight for 7+ hours but again did not find any hardware failure. Hmmm! I am at a loss here other than running perfmon and hoping that I get some useful data when my laptop hangs next.

  2. Dell-Bill B said

    Hi, Vivek,

    I am a Dell Community Liaison and would love to take a crack at it.

    Are there any recurring errors in Event Viewer? You might also try updating your SATA driver.

    If you can view my provided email, feel free to email me if I am not replying back quick enough to your posts.

  3. Vivek Agarwal said

    Hello Bill,

    Thanks a lot for your comment and willingness to help! Much appreciated!

    I don’t see any meaningful errors in Event Viewer. I tried to launch the SATA driver update utility but it complains that it does not see any compatible hardware. Does it need the hard disk to be in AHCI mode? I know that my laptop came with AHCI disabled and I have not enabled it though I have thought about doing so. Would you recommend enabling AHCI?

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks a bunch, Vivek.

  4. Vivek Agarwal said

    Another update …

    Well – I have turned off a few unnecessary services running on my laptop – I had IIS (not my choice) running and Apache running at the same time. I have turned off IIS and so far I have not had a crash today. I have certainly encountered my share of system freezes on “Windows servers” with IIS/Apache when they were exposed to the external world.

    I will keep you all updated and will enable AHCI mode next if I encounter another freeze. And hope that the SATA driver update helps.

    Fingers crossed …

  5. Vivek Agarwal said

    Another update …

    Well – my laptop did freeze once again after turning off some of the unnecessary Windows services – especially IIS. However, given that I had other folks in my office running the exact same hardware, I thought I will try something out real quick. I swapped my hard disk from one D830 to another and am trying out the other D830. If my *new* laptop freezes then the issue has to be with either the hard disk or the software running on my hard disk. If on the other hand, the *new* laptop does not freeze, then the issue must be with the *old* laptop shell – most likely the third party Crucial RAM.

    Will keep my log updated as I find out more …

  6. Dell-Bill B said

    Swapping HDD’s is the best way to go. Let me know how it goes.

  7. Vivek Agarwal said

    Thanks! I did swap the hard drives yesterday morning and I have tried doing a few things that would seem to excite the freeze condition – there was nothing predictable, but running a large VMWare image with WebSphere Portal, using Firefox, and doing something in Windows Explorer all at the same time, seemed to be a common theme to my freezes. I have tried all of that but have not had a freeze yet. What would have been ideal is if my old laptop chassis had experienced a freeze at the same time. That would have definitely pointed the pendulum at the old laptop chassis.

    However, hoping that patience and persistence will pay off in isolating the issue.

  8. Vivek Agarwal said

    Another update in the saga – this is more for me so that I have a history of what I did and the results from my actions …

    This morning, I woke up and found that MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger had been chewing up significant CPU time all last night. nVidia’s nView Desktop Manager had warnings about these two applications being unresponsive and recommending that I stop managing them using nView. After I okayed that, Outlook went unresponsive, and I decided to reboot. After the reboot, once I logged back in, the computer just randomly shutdown – possibly it had gotten hot. Obviously both these *outages* were very different from my freezes and I have had issues with Yahoo/MSN messengers in the past as well. So, still of the opinion that things are ok with the new laptop chassis.

  9. Vivek Agarwal said

    Today was a bad day! 😦 I had my laptop freeze twice already negating the possibility that there was something on the laptop chassis (or the RAM) that was causing the freezes. So now I am looking at the possibility of an issue with the hard drive or the software running on my hard drive! 😦 This is going to be a tough one to diagnose. I am not sure if I really have the time right now to dig around. I might just have to live with these freezes till I can make the time to either get a replacement hard drive or reinstall from scratch. Ouch!

  10. Vivek Agarwal said

    I am reasonably convinced that the problem has something to do with the software on my laptop rather than the hardware. I had my laptop freeze again thrice yesterday (5 times in all) and again today. And the symptoms were very clearly such that Windows would process a few mouse clicks/keystrokes before it would totally freeze.

    So, rather than track down what was exactly wrong with the software, I have given up and have reinstalled Windows XP and am hoping that I can be rid of the problem now!

    Fingers crossed!

  11. Vivek Agarwal said

    A quick update to say that so far, so good! After the Win XP reinstall, my laptop has been freeze-free. But it is still too early to call it resolved for sure.

  12. Jonelle said

    I’m glad you have posted this. I do not know the ins and outs as well as you do about computers but new windows in IE keep freezing. They will open but will not allow me to use my keypad or mouse. I’ve restarted the computer and it still does it. I can continue to open tabs but when I open a new window that window does not work.

    I’m convinced it is something with XP but I am not computer literate enough to know. I plan on calling the Geek Squad at Best Buy (where I purchased my Sony Vaio) to inquire.

    I def believe its the new window Operating System.

  13. Jonelle said

    Oh and I’m sorry … Its a Windows Vista Operating System

  14. Vivek Agarwal said

    Well – things are not so good! I just had my first freeze this morning after the O/S reinstall. 😦 Now, it is looking like the issue might be with the hard disk. What a freaking pain! Not what I need when I am so swamped.

  15. Rudi Larno said


    I’m seeing my laptop freeze at certain times too.
    I’m pretty convinced it has something to do with nView Desktop Manager. I have been having these freezes ever since I started using a second screen, and that nView is enabled.

    I read that the solution is to disable nView altogether, if you do not need the dual screen support.

  16. Vivek Agarwal said

    Hi Rudi,

    It is interesting that you suspect the nView Desktop Manager – I had my suspicions about it too. So, even though I use the dual screen mode a lot, I tried turning it off but still had a freeze with nView DM off. However, given that once I had issues with nView complaining about applications being unresponsive and then my laptop freezing, I do find nView suspect. After my laptop reinstall, I am running nView and have had 2 freezes in about 8-9 days. Maybe, I will try turning off nView again and leaving it off for a while, and seeing how my laptop fares.

    Thanks for your comment and suggestion!

  17. Vivek Agarwal said

    Well – I have had nView turned off COMPLETELY since July 1 – all the startup programs related to nView (NvCpl, NvMcTray, nwiz) and the NVIDIA Display Driver Service (NVSvc), and I have been freeze-free ever since. I think, the first time around I did not disable the NVidia Windows service. Rudi, thanks for bringing up your suggestion – it appears to be paying dividends though I am not quite ready to declare victory.

  18. Jean said


    I justr bought a Dell latitude from a bankruptgy and I’d like to hard reset the computer. Can anyone tell me how to proceed?

  19. Vivek,

    I appreciate all your information, please keep us updated, at least until you are ready to declare victory.

    One thing we have not followed up on. Were you able to finally update the SATA driver?

    Sincerely, Johnathon

  20. Vivek Agarwal said

    Well, I am not sure if this is really *victory*, but I must say that things are better for me now! I have have had my laptop freeze twice since I *fixed* it by disabling nView. While earlier, I was having it freeze about once a day! I can say this that I don’t really miss nView very much. I do work a lot with dual monitors but I simply use the Windows display properties to extend my desktop onto my 2nd monitor.

    Now for the SATA driver update, I actually have not gotten around to it. I probably ought to do it! And see if that helps.

  21. Vivek Agarwal said

    I guess all it took is for me to say that things are better and I had it freeze twice in the space of 5 days. Freaking frustrating! The odd thing is that we have several other people at my office running D830 with more or less the same software as me with no issues!

    I got around to trying to enable AHCI mode on an existing XP SP2 install (which I have done successfully once before on a Lenovo laptop) using the instructions at However this does not seem to work for me and I get the BSOD if I enable AHCI (after adding the registry settings and copying the right version of iaStor.sys). So for now, with a big 2-week trip coming up for me, I am just going to stay with my random freeze problem and experiment with this once I am back.

    The only conclusion I can draw right now is that disabling nView is not the answer! 😦

  22. Bart said

    Yesterday had a freeze too. Needed to remove the battery to get it going again. Also a DELL Latitude D830, but I have the freeze only .. say .. once a month

    From other sites. Try to reset the BIOS (I think it was Alt+F4 when in the BIOS setup)

  23. jared said

    I also have a d830 and find it freezes at the vista loading screen where the bar is. i am still trying to figure it out myself. It seams to be a bad driver just not sure which one. possiably chipset, wireless card, or bluetooth.

    one way around it for me is in the device manager under policies i disable the cache and it will load every time once it loads then i re-enable it and it’s fine. more often it does not load when i am on battery. I am third tier support and it even has me stumped. easiest fix may very well be a reinstall. I do however believe it happened after a vista silent update

  24. Dan said

    I have the same issue with two D630s in my office. I am thinking maybe a BIOS issue? Do you have a moble broadband card installed?


  25. Annoyed D830 User said

    I’m a software engineer and need my compiler and source to be portable so I can work in the office and on site doing debugging and rewrites as required.

    I used to have a Sony VAIO for this purpose but over the course of four years the keyboard, mouse pad, DVD/CD-RW, a couple of the USB ports and eventually the PCMCIA slots broke. The laptop would still boot but I had to use external devices and it looked like something out of a Sci-Fi film. So, the company bought me a D830.

    When my “brand new” D830 arrived and I spent two days copying data and re-installing software from my old laptop. At the end of the second day the D830 was in full swing and the VAIO was tucked away in a drawer.

    After about a week I had a couple of freezes, as you have described, and I noticed that the system was becoming increasingly sluggish. I performed a defrag and to my surprise the HDD was far more fragmented than I would have expected. After that completed it was a little more responsive but I noticed that when all was quiet I could hear the occasional “click” that sounded like it was coming from the HDD.

    The laptop froze several times over the course of another few weeks and eventually the HDD became unbootable. When I turned the laptop on the HDD was making a strange noise which I really can’t describe. I contacted DELL, described the problem and told them I had done everything I could but the HDD was probably knackered, they concluded the same thing and sent me another one.

    Now… I can accept that occasionally poor build quality can leak out and a customer can get a faulty item, I can suck that up and re-install everything again and not kick up a fuss.

    I fitted the other one and when I came in to work today, after the system freezing a few times over the past few weeks the “new” HDD is in exactly the same state as the other one was… Non-bootable, same strange noise when it tries to read the disk, everything I’ve loaded on it to date now completely useless.

    I suggest that everyone who is having problems with the D830 freezing back up everything on their HDD and prepare for the worst… It’s happened to me twice and I have Zero faith in replacing the HDD with another one from DELL.

    I cannot risk using this D830 again on a “third time lucky” basis and I will never recommend DELL products, of any type, to anyone in my industry… I’m going to tell them my story and let them make up their own minds as to wether or not they can risk losing all of their data on more than one occasion in the space of less than a year.

    [ The moral of the story ]

    Never buy cheap and never buy DELL, you get what you pay for.

  26. Vivek Agarwal said

    Wow! Based on the comments here and some Google searches, it does appear that my freeze issues are not isolated ones. Of course, I have ordered 7 Dell D830 laptops this year and I seem to be the only one experiencing these issues – just my luck I suppose! I am really at a loss for what could be causing this. I can’t quite put my finger on the issue. At times I suspect that it has to do with the hard drive. Other times, my suspicion is on the hardware that it has something to do with IRQs.

    I am truly aggravated with the issue and should contact Dell support, but am so swamped that I have not done so yet. I might actually try ghosting all my stuff to a spare D830 that we have at the office and see if with completely new hardware, I still experience a problem.

    Dan, to answer your question – I do NOT have a mobile broadband card in my D830.

    Frustrating …

  27. Vivek Agarwal said

    Well – I actually took some action – I have updated the BIOS on my laptop from version A10 to A13 (the latest version – available here). Also updated my nVidia Quadro NVS 140M driver to version 174.31 XP WHQL, A05 – I have had a couple of video driver related crashes that are independent of my freezes.

    The BIOS update does mention a few fixes that may help. The fixes/enhancements include –

    1. Updated Intel Video BIOS.
    2. Updated Nvidia Video BIOS.
    3. Improved support for 4GB memory.
    4. Improved PXE support.

    Let me see if this helps at all – fingers crossed …

  28. Barb said

    I got fed up enough today to try researching this on the Dell site – found nothing there. Then I broadened the search and found your post/comments. I am flashing my laptop’s BIOS to A13 as I write, and we’ll see how well it behaves. It has been locking up on rare occasion (about every other week), but this week it locked up 3 days in a row! Good luck to us both 🙂

  29. Vivek Agarwal said

    So much for the BIOS update! I had another freeze this morning! 😦 Here are my freeze symptoms in detail –

    It generally tends to happen during periods of intense disk/network activity. I usually hibernate my laptop and when I wake it up, login, and if I am not patient while Outlook is sync’ing up and my IM clients are signing in, and I try to do stuff with closing windows or changing focus, that is usually a period where there is a high likelihood of Windows freezing. This is not to say that this is the only time it has ever happened to me, but this period is usually more prone to freezes.

    Now for the actual freeze – during the last dozen freezes I have observed that there will be windows that are in the process of refreshing and they will stay in that state forever; while this is going on, I can still alt-tab to other programs (usually not Word/Outlook/Explorer/Excel – yes there is a theme there) and I can hit Ctrl-alt-del and bring up the task manager. But after doing this a couple of times, the keyboard and mouse go totally unresponsive.

    This to me looks like something in Windows goes caput and any programs that are tightly integrated with Windows go caput. There has to be some conflict somewhere on the device drivers is what I am guessing, but what baffles me is why only me – the rest of my team has the same hardware/software combination!

  30. Vivek Agarwal said

    Well – I just about had it today! 😦 I had my laptop freeze FOUR – yes, FOUR times today! And each freeze cost me some unsaved work and about 15-20 minutes to get back to the state I was in before the freeze. So, now I am trying a different thing. I have tried switching my hard disk from one laptop chassis to another; I have tried reinstalling Win XP; I have tried updating drivers; I have tried disabling various startup programs; all to no avail. The one thing I have not tried so far is swapping my hard drive for another. Well – that is what I did today. I went ahead and ghosted my old hard drive on to another identical drive from a brand new D830 that I just got as a spare for my team. Now, I am going to wait and watch. I am hoping this works because otherwise I am at my wit’s end!

  31. Art said

    I have a Latitude D830, purchased in June, running XP, and have had these same random problems with freezes. To date, I’ve downloaded the BIOS to A13, but with no improvement. The only way I can solve the freeze problem, is to each time just reboot! Please don’t give up, Vivek.

  32. Vivek Agarwal said

    Yet another update of failure! 😦 Swapping hard drives did not solve my issue – I had a freeze happen again this morning. And it happened, with a message from “Windows Live Messenger” indicating that I have ‘n’ unread emails. Now, this has happened to me a few times before that I have had a freeze related to Windows Messenger. So, I am trying that out now. I have disabled Windows Messenger and finally have gone with Trillian that a lot of my team uses. We shall see!

    Thanks for your comments, Art! I am really lost as to what could be the issue here – hardware or software (possibly a device driver). I am not sure if I should be cursing Dell or Microsoft or both! 🙂

  33. Art said

    I’ve discovered a way that, after two days, has managed to eliminate the freeze problem: On the main screen, right click and then choose Properties; then Screen Saver; then click on Power. This will present a screen of Power Options Properties.

    Several “Power Schemes” may then be chosen, each with a column for “Plugged In” or “Running on Batteries.” The default scheme, at least for my computer, was “Portable/Laptop.” Each column contains settings for times after which to turn off the monitor and hard disk, and to enter standby and hibernate. Each option was pre-filled with various times.

    I changed my Power Scheme to “Presentation(QuickSet)” which pre-filled all the time options to “Never.” That appears to have solved the freeze problem!

  34. Vivek Agarwal said

    Art, I think you may be on to something here!! This is usually one of the first things I would customize when I set up Win XP, but had not done so with my D830. I have now gone ahead and set the “turn off the hard disks” value to “never”; I also don’t like “system standby” and have set it to “never”. However, I still have the “turn off monitor” and hibernate happen after some discrete values. Let us see how this works out for us.

    Thanks for posting this, Art!

  35. Dell-Bill B said

    Hi, Vivek.

    Interested to see what happens with the power scheme change. It might be helpful to document what the current BIOS settings for SATA Operation on the problem-free D830’s running the same software. Also, what driver revisions are running on the problem-free boxes for the Intel Matrix Storage Manager?

    If the power scheme change is not a confirmed fix, I would want to revisit the SATA driver installation problem again.

    Did you install XP from a DEll OEM CD or from a retail copy?

  36. Art said

    This morning, with all power scheme settings set to “never,” I once more had a freeze-up! I’m afraid that this issue is not yet closed. Any further ideas???

  37. Art said

    Dell-Bill B:

    My Win XP was preinstalled by, and came with, my D830 from Dell.

  38. Vivek Agarwal said

    Art, I am quite bummed to hear that you had a freeze again inspite of disabling all the screen/disk sleep modes. I was fairly hopeful that would resolve the issue. I have been freeze free since I disabled the hard disk sleep on 25th. So, am waiting for my next freeze!

    Bill, thanks for responding again. As for your questions – 1) All our D830 laptops are running with AHCI disabled because that is how they came from Dell in the first place. Secondly, I was not successful in enabling AHCI on a pre-existing Win XP install on D830; I had done that successfully in the past on a Lenovo laptop but that technique did not work on D830. 2) As was the case with Art, my Win XP came pre-installed from Dell. I did re-install it using the Dell OEM CD.

    In light of the fact that all my team is running with non-AHCI mode successfully, I am skeptical that would help, but would be happy to try if you have any insights on how I can get that to work with an existing XP install.

    In light of Art’s post, my hope that we had resolved the issue has died. So once I have my next freeze, I will be looking for another thing to try.

  39. GoodThings2Life said

    For what it’s worth, I have a number of D830 and D630 systems that have this same issue. This issue has only appeared since the installation/deployment of the Computrace Anti-theft protection, but I have not been able to determine any consistent cause.

    I finally have a D830 handy for some thorough testing, so I will throw my gloves into the ring to help tag-team this issue. 🙂

  40. GoodThings2Life said

    OK, on a system that I know freezes up, I have installed the A13 BIOS update, all driver updates (not including the AHCI SATA driver), and I have uninstalled the Computrace agent. I will monitor it for freezing. (It very consistently freezes a few times a day)

  41. Vivek Agarwal said

    Hey GoodThings2Life,

    Thanks for joining this troubleshooting gig! It is certainly bizarre the way the system freezes up – especially in light of the fact that other similar systems don’t exhibit the same issues.

    I have been freeze-free for 8-9 days now! Keeping my fingers crossed that somehow I am past the issue, and it was really caused by “Windows Live Messenger” and the power sleep options. Not ready to bank on this given Art’s freeze but one can hope! 🙂


  42. Annoyed D830 User said

    Thought I would let you know that after swapping the failed Seagate HDD I got from Dell (2/2 failed) with a new one I got from the company stores I’ve not had my HDD go unbootable but I have had several freezes and the occasional BSoD.

    To be honest I think I had two problems…

    The first HDD supplied fitted was damaged/refurbed/both so that failed after a few months, the hand delivered second HDD was damaged/refurbed/both and that failed after a few months and both instances lost me everything on the drives. This problem has been resolved by fitting a new HDD which didn’t come from DELL.

    The second problem is what you are all talking about, the laptop keeps on freezing up and crashing. I think that this is a feature of the kit and as such I’m not going to investigate it further, I’m just going to take it as what it is and put it down to shoddy quality products from DELL.

    Good luck!

  43. Paul S said

    I just bought one of these laptops and found this site after having BSOD’s on a constant basis. I installed the newest bios update and this seems to have fixed most bsod. Now my issue is with freezes.. surprise, surprise..
    I am going with SP3 right now and will see how things go.

    I have noticed that the freezes happen most when opening laptop up from standby (over 50%). Other are random, ie browsing the internet, plugging in my wireless mouse, etc.

    Question: I bought the downgrade from Vista Ultimate to XP. Any ideas if Vista has the same issues on this laptop?


  44. GoodThings2Life said

    Paul, I agree with the conclusion that most of the time it seems to be power-management related, as most of my documented freezes occur if the machine is waking up from standby OR if the system is attempting to go into standby mode (after sitting idle a while).

    I was suspecting our Computrace client software, but even after removing and disabling it from a test D830, the freeze still occurred today. I am going to follow up on the above-suggested power management fix and see if the issue occurs again.

    I have also experienced this issue on several D630 systems as well, so I implemented the power management fix on two of those systems as well. If that does the trick for us (as it seems to have worked with Vivek) then I will post the follow up here.

  45. GoodThings2Life said

    Another quick update… I plan to leave the Microsoft/Sysinternals “Process Explorer”, Filemon, and Regmon tools running on the system to see if they will show a peak at what is happening at the time of a freeze.

  46. Vivek Agarwal said

    Well so much for thinking that I was actually past my problems! 😦 I just experienced another freeze – I did go 11 days without a freeze though. I had just about kicked off Retrospect (EMC backup utility) to back up my Outlook pst files to a NAS device when the freeze happened. Back to square one on this problem. No ideas at this time on what to do next – maybe I ought to have stayed with my lenovo laptop after all! Serves me right for wanting to stay on the cutting edge!

    I will write back if I come up with any other ideas. I guess I could run the sysinternals tools and wait for my next freeze like GoodThings2Life! At this point, I AM FRUSTRATED!

  47. GoodThings2Life said

    My test system froze again as well. I am upgrading that system to XP Service Pack 3 and will test again. We have been holding off on it here because we’re not sure about compatibility with a couple applications yet, but I have decided to take a plunge with this test system to see.

    Unfortunately, the tools indicated that there was disk activity occurring at the time, but it was or antivirus running a scan, so I know that can’t exclusively be the issue.

    If SP3 doesn’t resolve it, I will switch to the AHCI driver by installing the Intel Storage Matrix Manager software and see where that goes.

  48. Frank said

    Hi all
    I was excited to see these posts as I has having the same problem with a latitude 830. After reading some of your comments on hardware conflict possibilities, I disabled the pointing stick associated buttons in the touchpad property menu, leaving only the touchpad and its buttons active. I only suspected the touchpad because it had froze twice while using it. Mostly though, it froze when going into screen saver or hibernation. It had been freezing several times a day and has now been three days freeze free. We’ll see if it holds out permenantly.

  49. Vivek Agarwal said

    Well – I applied XP SP3 today, rebooted, and within 30 minutes had a freeze again! 😦 So much for that. Now I have disabled hard disk write caching and the Indexing Service on my hard disk – not that I expect that to matter but trying something different!

    I just don’t get this! My latest surmise (that I am sure I will have to take back a few weeks from now) is that it has to be the interaction of some hardware on the Dell Latitude D830 that is causing the freezes that I (and others) are seeing. Hoping that we can figure this out soon as it sure is not great for my productivity and general state of happiness.

  50. Nat said

    I just came up today to this thread concerning freezes. I had/have also a lot of troubles with my D830, and I suspect the power adapter. My first D830 froze consistently when plugging in the adapter and even broke the motherboard, screen and harddisk due to power glitches. Dell replaced everything -except- the power adapter and of course it started again. I got a second D830 and first exchanged the power adapter and the freezes -when plugging in- are not gone, but almost. I gave up looking to a consistent solution, I just live with it… I just make sure that no documents are unsaved when plugging in the power adapter. I hope this helps some way.



  51. GoodThings2Life said

    Well after applying SP3 to my test system, it hasn’t frozen up, and this particular system would dependably freeze up if I left it on over night. As of Tuesday morning, no freezes. Obviously I’ll continue to monitor it.

    I agree that it could be a combination of conditions. I’ve certainly had issues with certain driver combinations before, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Can I get an email address that I can send you a PDF listing of my driver configuration? Perhaps we can find some differences and similarities between us to investigate.


  52. Martin said

    We are also having problems with 7 of our Dell Latitude D830. The system freezes almost every time after Windows logon. And it does not matter is it’s XP SP2, XP SP3 or Vista Business SP1.

    Today Dell replaced the motherboard, memory and the CPU. I’m just installing XP SP2. Let’s see if it will continue to fuction.


  53. Paul S said

    I have had 1 freeze up in the last 4 days and this is after the SP3 upgrade. I was using the touchpad all day today and decided to plug in my wireless logitech mouse. I knew it the instant before I plugged in the key it was going to lock up and it did.
    I have now turned off the pointing device like above. Checked for logitech updates and there were none.

    I turned off power management on the usb hubs when I first received the laptop. Hibernation is off and standby only happens when the lid is closed. I believe it still has something to do with bad power or power management.

    Just a side note – I have an friend who has had plenty of issues with 2 older dell laptops with bad power supplies and connectors.

  54. Cor de Boer said

    I did have only freezing problems with installing Linux SUSE 11.0 64 bits
    “thouching” the network interface directly after the installation did freeze the laptop.
    It was only with this version of Linux and not with Windows XP or Lower Linux 64 or 32 bits versions.
    Al my colleages did not have this problem.
    After replacing the motherboard the problem was solved.
    Maybe your problem lies also in a faulty Motherboard!


  55. Vivek Agarwal said

    Well – I found that when I patched the nVidia driver to a newer version, I had re-enabled nView again. Since I was experiencing fairly frequent freezes again, I went ahead and disabled nView completely (startup programs and service). Ever since that I have not had a freeze – I do expect to have another freeze based on my previous experience, but I do think that disabling nView helps reduce the frequency at the least.

    Cor, thanks for your comment! However, I do not believe my issue is related to my motherboard given that i had freezes even after switching to an alternate laptop chassis.

  56. Shannon said

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who has been having such problems. I will add my two cents and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. I am the head technician for a school district and have purchased hundreds of D820’s and D830’s over the past year. Over the summer I ordered about 100 D830’s and 25 D630’s. The D830’s were 2.2ghz Core2 Duos, 2gb of ram, 120gb hd, Quadro 140 video cards. The D630’s were similar specs but with Intel video. So far I have not had any problems with the D630’s, and previous D830’s that I got last year which happened to have Intel video as well, but have had about 5 or 6 new D830’s with Nvidia video that have “gone bad”. Since I order so many things from Dell I can get replacement parts the next day with little or no questions asked so I have already replaced many parts in my troubleshooting efforts. Here is a list of things I have tried so far

    Updated BIOS (I know the A13 revision says it updates the Nvidia Bios, but I think it just makes the video card fan spin up faster to avoid video card failure. I know Nvidia seems to have problems with some of their chips overheating and failing. So that might be somewhat related, but I don’t think the bios update really address that problem). This leads me to what I replaced next.

    Swapped out Mobo (This was the first step that I have done on almost all of the machines that have this sudden problem shutting down. It seems that it has fixed a few of the computers, however it could just be that the students have not yet used the computer enough to notice the problem has returned)

    Swapped out hard drive (I have taken a hard drive from a known good laptop and swapped them around and have had the good laptop shutdown on next reboot and have had the bad laptop with good hard drive work during the time I was playing around with it and testing it out)

    It seems that I’ve been getting mixed results, so it might not be just one thing causing problems or I’m not spending enough time with the bad computer to see the issue return. However the only two things I have not swapped out have been the ram and processor which are next on my list.

    Also to better explain what software I’m using and the exact problem I’m having we are using WinXP corp SP2, latest Dell drivers from the website with AHCI turned off (set to compatibility mode in Bios). We used Ghost to image the machines and the computers seems to stay on fine while doing that (some of our images take over 2 hours to deploy due to Adobe CS3 and Autocad being on the images). The computes also seem fine when we restart them, rename then and bind them after Ghost is done. The computers seem to even work find when I log into the computers (as a domain administrator), but when I logon as a standard user, the computer will just shutdown on the Applying user settings screen after they logged in. However just the other day I had a computer just shutdown while I was logged in.

    All and all very strange things happening and I can’t seem to pin point the thing that ties them all together, however they all share the problem of just randomly shutting down. I have not had the freezing problem, but tons of annoying shutdowns. I will get a processor and ram replaced in the next few days and post the results for everyone.

  57. Vivek Agarwal said

    Well – I have been here before where I thought things looked better, and then had them regress. I have not had a freeze yet since I disabled nView. It appears that nView does something that seems to excite the freeze condition more frequently. So, if you are experiencing freeze issues with your laptop, do try disabling nView and hope for the best! It may at the very least reduce the freeze frequency.

  58. Vivek Agarwal said

    Yet another week (almost) goes by and I am freeze free! I am starting to get optimistic! Possibly the issue got resolved through a combination of actions – the BIOS upgrade, the Win XP SP3 patch, the nVidia driver upgrade, turning off hard disk sleep in power options, and the final nail in the coffin – disabling nView!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that this is it, and I can call it a day (or a few months)!

  59. […] Posts Improving VMWare Server performance on Windows XPMy new Dell Latitude D830 keeps freezing repeatedly! :(Missing log4j log files with DailyRollingFileAppender when they should roll over? How to determine […]

  60. I want to add another idea into the hopper, something nobody appears to have mentioned.

    I suspect there may be a factor in the problem related to Windows security permissions. I also have a Dell Latitude D830, and routinely hit the freeze problems everybody has described. As a bit of background, I’ve been running a bit of an experiment at having an admin account for anything I want to do in the way of serious software installs or system config changes. Routine day-to-day work is done in a more more restricted non-admin account to reduce the risk of virus infection.

    I constantly hit the freeze problem in the non-admin account. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen it when using the admin account.

    I don’t think that is the entire issue, and I couldn’t begin to guess which permissions might be involved, but thought I’d add in the datapoint in case somebody else might be able to run further with it.

  61. Vivek Agarwal said

    Reid, I use my laptop with a user account that has admin privileges all the time, and I used to experience freeze issues with my admin account. So I doubt that is the root cause. Of course, I am happy to report that I am still freeze free – however, I did re-enable write caching on my hard disk yesterday to resolve my “Slow hibernation” problem, and am keeping my fingers crossed that my freeze issue does not re-appear. So far, I do believe that nView is the root cause of the freeze issues.

  62. Bill said

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one out there having this problem. After the first couple of freezes I too disabled hibernation and that seemed to help for a while. I looked at the dumps from xp and found nothing unusual, since the freeze issues were getting worse and this was still a new machine I went ahead and reformated it. Since Dell had supplied both Windows XP and Vista business I set it up for dual boot. Well guess what the freeze issues occur now in Windows XP and Vista, Vista keeps saying its a hardware issue, listing cpu, ram, system board or power supply.

  63. Vivek Agarwal said

    Check out my follow-up post on a summary of my laptop freeze resolution steps.

  64. Dave said

    This must be the first website I have found that has tried so much to fix this problem! You all have my thanks. But alas, none of these solutions have fixed my issues.
    I can eliminate RAM, more or less, because I also tried memtest86+ and also changed RAM, unfortunately to no avail. One interesting tidbit you all may wish to investigate further is live CD’s. When I ran memtest off of a ubuntu CD, I decided to see if the computer would freeze when I used the Linux OS for a bit. It did not…Could that mean that certain interactions with the CD ROM drive instead of the hard drive will prevent the freeze?
    If this triggers an idea, please share, and thanks Vivek for starting this post! Congrats on being freeze-free!

  65. Nasir said

    Hello everyone. I came across this site after having similar problems. Lucky for me I have found the problem. My problem is with my 2 Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Series Sata drives. It has to do with the anti theft protection built into the hardives firmware. I happen to try everything. When I ran Seagates Seatools for dos, I noticed that upon recognizing both hard drives both have anti-theft security built in and “enabled.” According to Seagate Tech support it should not randomly activate. You can still use the hard drive but if you listen to the HDD you will hear a lil clicking sound. Here is more information about this anti theft feature(other Hard Disk Drive manufacturers are using….

    The optional Security Mode feature set is a password system that restricts access to user data stored on a device. The system has two passwords, User and Master and two security levels, High and Maximum. The security system is enabled by sending a user password to the device with the SECURITY SET PASSWORD command. When the security system is enabled, access to user data on the device is denied after a power cycle until the User password is sent to the device with the SECURITY UNLOCK command. A Master password may be set in a addition to the User password. The purpose of the Master password is to allow an administrator to establish a password that is kept secret from the user, and which may be used to unlock the device if the User password is lost. Setting the Master password does not enable the password system.

    The security level is set to High or Maximum with the SECURITY SET PASSWORD command. The security
    level determines device behavior when the Master password is used to unlock the device. When the security level is set to High the device requires the SECURITY UNLOCK command and the Master password to unlock. When the security level is set to Maximum the device requires a SECURITY ERASE PREPARE command and a SECURITY ERASE UNIT command with the master password to unlock. Execution of the SECURITY ERASE UNIT command erases all user data on the device.
    The SECURITY FREEZE LOCK command prevents changes to passwords until a following power cycle. The
    purpose of the SECURITY FREEZE LOCK command is to prevent password setting attacks on the security system.

    check out:
    for an explanation. All Seagate will do is replace drive. I have found a work around in German but will post if i can get it to work correctly.

  66. WarrenD said

    Hi Forum.

    I have a Dell D620 Laptop. I have the exact same problem. I have also read most of this forum about changing hard drives and IIS software conflicts. I have had my laptop for about 2 years. Changed my entire motherboard, hard drive and reinstalled Windows at least 5 times. For some reason the freezing just keeps happening. I’m not too certain if its software related at all as it happens sporadically and with different OS`s. I have to shut down my PC to get it running again.
    Did Dell actually come up with a solution to this yet?

  67. Vivek Agarwal said

    Check out my follow-up blog post on a summary of my laptop freeze resolution steps. Essentially, if you have a nVidia video card and are running nView (enabled by default), then there is hope.

  68. harriet tubman said

    I have this EXACT SAME PROBLEM. Please, post ANY updates b/c this is reallly quite frustrating.

  69. Adam Brodman said

    I came across this site nad have to say thanks to Vivek to for keeping everyone posted. Normally I am a Lan/Admin – System tech for contracts but right now I am doing some break/fix for a small shop and am lost on a D830 we have. Here is the problem. Like everyone else it freezes. I thought this had to do with the way he logs in via the built in verizon card but I think that is incorrect. He logs in using his verzion card ( built in ) using Earthlink access. This also opens up a ticker that scrolls across the top giving news. He is using outlook Express for email. Here are the specs:

    1 GB Ram
    80 HDD
    Nvida quatro 135M
    Win XP Home SP3
    No Corp use

    We had repaired the system due to viruses. So we place our basic image onto the system. That includes the Windows XP Home w/SP3. AVG Antivirus, Spybot Spyware remover, Office 2003, All Dependancies and updates, MSI Video player, Nero 7, Firefox and Adobe 9 reader. Thats it. WE thought the problem was only when he went into the earthlink/outlook express combo but it does it in just the Earthlink browser. I just did a power setting change as suggested and we will see. I amready have the nVida View off but it still frooze. Wish me luck. Any suggestions feel free to email me at

  70. Adam Brodman said

    Ok. Heres an update… First let me say that my freezing is more that a few times a day since you have to hard boot when it locks. Anywho, I decided to do the Safemode boot to look around. One Thing I did find. In Safe mode it does not freeze. At least not for the past few hours. SO my question becomes, besides the obvious, what drivers does Safemode not use that Normal Windows Boot does? Any Ideas?

  71. Kirk said

    So, I had two D520s running with the same issues. I tried all of the above and it worked on both for about 3-4 days and then they start failing again HARD (sometimes 5 times in one hour).

    I then took matters into my own hands..

    1) I disabled the 1394 connection and deleted the modem connection.

    2) I downloaded and ran Glary Utilities (do a Google Search). It had found over 1000 registry problems. I ran it a few times.

    3) I did a chkdsk c: /f on my machine.

    5 hours later and not a single freeze.

    I hope this helps.

  72. John G said

    I’d just like to add my comments that “I am glad I am not the only one having this problem.”

    To dispell all the theories that this is related to windows settings or applications, I am running CentOS Linux 5.1 and have my Dell D830 freeze just about every day. 3 times in the last 10 minutes. There is no pattern, it can even happen during initial OS boot before anything has had much chance to grab memory. My suspicion has always been that it is to do with the video subsystem, but have no hard evidence to support that. If I find anything I’ll post it, but I am also posting so that I can get anyone else’s updates.

  73. K John said

    I was experiencing the system freezes until I disabled unused USB ports.
    I went to “Device Manager”->”Universal Serial Bus controllers”->”USB Root Hub”
    There was 6 of them (I have just 3 usb ports on the laptop).
    I plugged the usb devices to each of the 3 ports. I checked the power consumption for each port.
    I found the ones that were not in use and I disabled them.
    I disabled also the “Intel(R) ICH8 Family USB Universal Host Controller” corresponding with the USB hub.
    No system freezes since then.

  74. Kirk Lesser said

    So my above experience still happened BUT finally solved it and am now 1 week free of crashes. It was the NOD32 3.0 program. It had not been updated in a year (the program not the virus signatures) and once I upgraded to the latest version the crashes stopped!

  75. Kelley said

    I have a Dell latitude d830 as well. Yesterday it froze while writing an email. I had to power off and now I cannot get the system to restart successfully. It freezes after the login screen. Any suggestions? Please help!

  76. Hi all – – Thanks for the info posted here. Dell 830, bogus CPU usage readouts, extremely slow processing, frequent frustrating freezes (three f’s) and multiple daily manual power-downs and reboots. Ready for the funny farm. While these issues have been mounting over the past four months, the frequent freezes and the constant shutdowns hit me hard on April 16 and became an unacceptable part of my workday for about a week.

    Did this – – disabled all programs related to nView and the NVIDIA Display Driver Service [under Windows services (Administrative Tools)]. Updated the nVidia driver.

    I did all of the above the morning after the Dell technician came out on-site and replaced the motherboard and the CPUs. These replacements did absolutely nothing to address my previous
    problems and frustrations.

    Thanks to the postings here, I have only had one freeze in the past three days. Don’t know what that one was about. That one freeze took place when I was away from my machine for about 20 minutes, and came back to a frozen screen. I do know that with the nVidia fix, I now get more normal, truthful CPU usuage readouts. CPU usage appears to have returned back to what I have been accustomed to. The freezes and madatory power-downs have virtually been eliminated. My Mozy Pro on-line back-ups now take the normal 5-10 minutes, instead of the “two weeks and 3 days” that I was being told they would take and the 6-8 hours that they did actually take before the nVidia fix.

    Today I had a previously scheduled visit from the “Geeks -A’ Knocking” technical support pro I engagaged to supplement my regular outside tech advisor and my internal tech support team to address these problems. He read through my trouble shooting log, did a complete diagnostic check, did a couple of fine-tuning tweaks, including virus and malware checks. Everything checks out according to the book. He was intrigued by the nVidia fix and doesn’t doubt that it helped to cure the CPU and freeze problems.

    So far, so good. I’ll double back later to report successes or problems.

    Appreciate the knowledge shared here. We’ll see how it goes.


    John Chambers

  77. Basil said

    Most likely, most of you are suffering from a bad NVIDA GPU that is delaminating and grossly heating up, becoming flaky, and eventually fring itself and/or surrounding components on the mobo. The reason the problem occurs less frequently in Safe Mode, is that only small portions of the GPU get used with the generic Safe Mode video driver. I would suspect that if a generic driver was installed permanently, the problem would almost go away if the GPU hasn’t already so damaged as to be too far gone, though 800×600 res wouldn’t really work out to well in the real word.

    At any rate, this is now a well-known problem. NVIDA had to take a $250,000,000 write-off a few months ago because of this, though most likely almost none of this money will benefit the hundreds of thousands of laptop buyers who have faulty laptops. In my own business, I’ve seen numerous dead and dying HP, Toshiba, and Dell laptops with this problem. Both HP and Dell have secret one-year warranty extensions on some of these machines, though most frequently, it takes just slightly more than two years for the problem to manifest itself, at which point the extended warranty has conveniently expired.

    Laptops can barely keep themselves cool anyway when compared to desktops, so even a functional NVIDIA or ATI GPU generates excessive heat, much less one that delaminates like the faulty NVIDA chip.

    If the laptop makers operated as legitimate businesses, they would have recalled these laptops and replaced or fixed them as soon as they knew about the problem. But they chose to pretend like they knew nothing. Quite frankly, I think all owners of these kinds of laptops should band together in a class action lawsuit against NVIDA, DEll, HP, Toshiba, and the rest.

    Bottom line:

    1. It’s not a good idea to put a high-powered GPU in any laptop. I make sure that my customers buy laptops with an Intel integrated GPU, and nothing else. Not very powerful, but not very hot either. Business users don’t need to ray-trace 3D synthetic universes. And game players that do need synthetic universes should be using desktops.

    2. Don’t ever buy another NVIDA product. Stick with ATI for your GPU needs.

  78. Vivek Agarwal said

    Basil, I agree definitely that the problem has a lot to do with the NVidia graphics card, but my suspicion is more on the NVidia driver and NView software than hardware. Hence my attempts at disabling NView and updating the driver have helped and in my case, eliminated the issue as I mentioned in a later blog entry. However, it appears that other folks have not been as lucky with my solution.


  79. andreas75 said

    i had a similar problem with a latitude E5500. freezes 4-5 times a day. we discovered that it occurs for sure when launching windows media player. i made an image with acronis true image, which reported read errors(!). after rewriting the image to a new hdd, the latitude works fine for now. i will now test the original hard disk with hdtune “free” to make sure the drive is faulty.

  80. Dee said


    I have been reading about this problem because a friend of mine has the same problem.

    Let me state that this is not a issue with NVidia alone. I agree with Basils statement about the Intel graphics but I don’t agree with ATI is a better choice the IBM T4X, R5X series and the T6x R6x series are plagued with GPU issues in all there models with ATI GPU so don’t be fooled. This is a very serious problem with these computers and the makers should be responsible.


  81. Cyberfox2004 said

    Glad I am not alone on this issue 🙂
    I’ve got a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop with ATI Radeon Mobility X1400 working for 3 years never bothered me with single problem,
    I have been experiencing frequent system freezes after I installed windows 7 RC recently from .

    Immediately after installed and boot up it randomly freezes, I switched back to Win XP Pro sp3, A complete reload of Win XP did not solve the problem. I then took matters into my own hands and start cleaning the fan from dust, cleaning vents and make sure all is clear. and applying Heat Sink Compound / Paste to make sure there is no any lose on processor but did not help either.

    So, I thought if swapping the memory card with new one and new HDD as well, but none solved the problem, It is frustrating.

    My laptops freezes at random times no matter what I’m doing. While these issues have been monitoring over the past weeks the frequent freezes and the constant shutdowns hit me hard and became an unacceptable part of my workday for about a weeks.
    It could be as soon as the laptop starting or minutes or an hours after logging in.

    I have no idea where to start. I’ve tried a disk check but it froze, I’ve tried a virus scan, boot repair, Bios reset, chkdsk, bootfix, none helped, Even in safe mode it freezes so I’m thinking it might be hardware, So any suggestions?
    The laptop simply stops responding to mouse clicks & keyboard after running just fine for a few minutes or hours. The only way out is for me to hard reset the laptop It is extremely frustrating.

    I have run some Dell diagnostics and have not found anything wrong with hardware. I suspect the power adapter, ( Battery replaced with new one ) I believed it could be something with bad power or power management, It did not help.

    And I give up and called Dell support and Dell sent a technician on-site and replaced some Compoundment . technician on-site helps did not help to my previous problems and still frustration going on. I just really want to throw away the laptop and go and get another one, and then in other hand I just do not want to give up until overcome this issue and I want to be free from freezing.

    I came to know your website through google search for related to my issue, and excited to see these posts as I has having the same problem.

    My next step, I am thinking of it’s graphic card ( ATI Radeon Mobility X1400 ) So any suggestions?

    Thank you

  82. Cyberfox2004 said

    I have already fixed it my issue

  83. Mark said

    I too have a Latitude D830 and it freezes up and has been doing so for over a year now. It really acts up when I use Skype and thought it might be related to audio or video drivers.

    I reinstalled XP (clean install, not upgrage) about 3 weeks ago and still the problem(s) exist. The thing worked good for about 3 months.

    I contacted dell and they had me just upgrade to bios A14 (but I doubt it will help).

    Also the fan seems to run way too much as it seems this laptop is constantly heating up (and I have it on a proper desk with no vents blocked).

    My coworker bought a Thinkpad the sametime I bought the Dell and we run the same “stuff” and he has no issues at all. The only reason I went with Dell was I wanted XP and not Vista and the thinkpad had Vista and you had to use a downgrade CD to put XP on. I opted not to do that while my co-worker did… wish I had made the same decision as he did…

  84. web said

    I have the same issue. It is related to heat. I installed SpeedFan and it shows the temp of the GPU and CPU’s. the GPU is 70 degrees Celsius and has a fire symbol next to it. If I run a lot of programs, all the temps start going up quickly and then it freezes. Luckily mine is under exetended warranty and I am going to call Dell tomorrow. I will update you all. You can get speedfan here:

    Also you can get CPU ID here, CPU-Z: it shows how the core speed slows way down when the laptop starts to get hot, causing your CPU to max out at 100%. I always thought it was my programs, but it’s the HEAT

  85. HR said

    I too have a Latitude D830 and it freezes up I’ve tried all the above suggestions with no luck What worked for me was removing the BIOS password

  86. Brian B said

    I don’t know if it is related, but our Dell M70 laptops have been having freezed for the last few years. Just about all the innards have been replaced (MB, RAM, CPU,HD, etc.). For us the problem is overheating. If we put a laptop cooling fan/pad underneith (and remember to turn it on), it doesn’t freeze. More interestingly, we just noticed that M70’s (not using a fan pad) using a 130W power block freeze frequently. Those using the standard 90W block freeze occasionally. Those using a 65W block almost never freeze. Use of a docking station also affects the freezing. A 90W block and a docking station freezes a lot more often then one with just the 90W block. Our guess is that a docking station blocks some of the cooling ports allowing the innards to get hotter. Add in a larger power block, allowing the laptop to “do more” gets it even hotter. When it gets hot enough, something (my guess is the nVidia GPU) fails. Another correlation is the load on the PC. If I’m pushing it running VMWare, Visual Studio, and other heavy CPU apps. it is likely to freeze eventually. If I’m just running Word and one or two other light-CPU apps., it will keep running and running and running.

  87. Bjoern B said

    Hi, been reading trough all these posts, hoped to find a solution at the end! But did not. So here is my tougths, I too suspect it to be a cooling issue. That is based on the fact that I spent using the PC for 7 days in an cold environment only 12 to 15 degrees Celsius without freezing. Back in my ‘warm’ office, the problem is back. Someone else who have experienced similar? By the way, yes it is a Latitude D830 of course, running XP Professional SP3, bios A14.

  88. Bjoern B said

    Sorry, bios version A15. And I’ve just installed the latest nVidia driver and adjusted the GPU core bus speed from default 400Mzh down to 260Mhz, and the memory bus speed from defaulted 400Mhz down to 156 Mhz.

  89. Ramani Thinakaran said

    I have been having an issue with freeze up of Dell Latitude D820 within a few minutes after start up for about 3 weeks. Sometimes there was a wild loud, continuous beep
    when this problem surfaced. For sometime the mouse will act as if it is working; However, if you launch another program or something else, it won’t work and will lock up completely. Ctl+Alt+Del or taking battery out fixed the issue.

    I ran CHKDSK /F
    did not reveal any issue.

    Updated Malware and Avast anti-virus. Ran quick scan and full scans. Did not reveal any issues.
    Suspected anti-virus Avast since it was still running after start up– not the problem. Avast replaced with iobit.
    Downloaded BIOS A10. Did not fix the problem.

    Running DEVICEMGR.MSC revelated a problem with device driver of SigmaTel audio.
    Downloaded new Dell drivers. The download manager is very nice tool that works.
    Suspected Touch pad. Not problem.

    This article indicated to nView as suspect. Disabled NVIDIA. Did not problem.
    Tried many settings and added more drivers with MSCONFIG. Did not fix the problem.

    Restored to beginning of a month ago. Did not fix problem Now I got a dump (blue screen) with BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO. I could not restart my computer.
    I used a Windows XP book disk made with during an earlier virus attack to get back into my computer. This has amazing tools (see screenshots) than the Microsoft Console. I changed restore point to yesterday.
    I was able to get on but I got a Can’t load local profile warning.

    I am able to use the computer finally. Somehow my user id was cleared. I created a couple of new user ids.
    I do not have the lock up yet in the last couple of days

  90. Jonathan D said

    I too have had the same problems. Here is the TLDR version.

    I have Windows XP, no video card, dual display setup, and have had freeze problems since I got the laptop back in early 2009, late 2008.

    When the freezing got bad enough we swapped out the hard drive, updated BIOS, and reinstalled Windows XP.

    That seemed to solve the problem. However just recently it started freezing again.

    I’m thinking it could be something no HDD related. Maybe RAM memory? MB related?

  91. Hal Keiner said

    I have a Dell D610 that experienes random freezes during bootup, withing bios setup, and with Windows XP running. I have reformated the hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP with no improvement. I removed/swapped the two 1 GB memory chips with no improvement. I reinstalled A06 bios with no improvement. I installed a temperature monitoring software and see that the temperature ranges around 30-50 C with no spikes before a random freeze. The most telling symptom (I think) is that it also randomly freezes (keyboard becomes unresponsive) while navigating the bios setup screen and it randomly freezes when running the Dell diagnostics software from a CD.

    My conclusion is that the motherboard is bad with some component on the motherboard failing at random times. Before I go ahead and replace the motherboard (for amout $60), I thought I might ask if others have the same conclusion based upon the symptoms described.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

  92. fadi ahmed said

    Hellow every one. I got a new Latitude E5410 before 2 weeks only. I have to say that my life has become very misrable since I started to use this shit Dell!! I am not an experienced guy. i just use it for web navigating plus to some presentations at work. I wish to go back to my old lenovo!!

  93. StephenB said

    My D830 had the same freezing issue. Ive had it for more than 3 years now. It happened only when scrolling up and down in windows explorer or internet explorer and it started just before it was 3 years old. I tried OS re-install/repair, ram replacement, thorough cleaning and software reinstall/repair. all in vein. After replacing motherboardjust before the extended warranty was up, the problem stopped. Dell techs seemed to know what the prob was right away, it must be common for this build of the D830. *It looks like the cpu ran way too hot for too long and damaged the motherboard over time*(this is novice speculation). I used to leave it running for days while I was in school. with the damaged motherboard, any spike in heat would open it up to to complete freeze requiring hard reboot. With the new motherboard my temps are approx 35C to 55C idle and approx 60C to 75C running full load. I use IK8FANGUI to keep the fan on high 100% of the time. I am aware that this shortens the life of the fan but a replacement fan is far less than the cost of data loss and frustration. I bought a replacement fan and keep it close just in case the fan dies. another note is that having the fan on always is less distracting than having the fan switch from high to low and back automatically. I am looking for other ways to bring down the temps a little, I dont like the peak load temps being so high. ie: copper mod and the like.

    I really hope this helps.

  94. Laptops said


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  95. tombarry said

    Just in case you still have a problem sorry me too -win7 64bit installed all was well till a couple of days ago and now freezing up – about to swap h/drive, somebody gave me this laptop d630 dell had replaced the m/board so dunno?
    trying out the power screen fix, but This thing does get hot well so does most laptops ,the last time I saw this was on a dell inspiron the h/drive was replaced on that so hope it works on this one 🙂
    bios updated too

  96. laptop dc jack repair2…

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  97. sirleo said

    please clean space between fan and radiator inside, you can manage it when remove the grey cover next to keyboard.

  98. upgrade ram laptop…

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  99. fix slow laptop…

    […]My new Dell Latitude D830 keeps freezing repeatedly! 😦 « Vivek Agarwal’s Portal/Java Blog[…]…

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  106. Hello everyone…My name is Damon and I think I have solved the issue with the Dell E5500 laptop. My computer has been freezing ever since I received it2 years ago. I am a teacher and it is extremely frustating to see my system shut down and have to restart over any internet session or work. I think the answer is with the screen resolution. When every i put on a new copy of windows . I always change the resolution to 1280 X 768 which shrinks the viewing area. I have always liked it this way. I just installed Windows 7 and it is doing the exact same thing. THen i went into display settings and to my amazement. I clicked on custom resolutions and it says that changing the screen resolutions will cause system instability, system components to fail, and affect system data integrity.. I changed it back to 1024 X 768. the screen got bigger and this is the setting that its on when i install a new copy but i always change it. We’ll see…

  107. Drzewiec said

    Please try cleaning the heatsink from the CPU and GPU, maybe your computer is overheating…

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    […]My new Dell Latitude D830 keeps freezing repeatedly! 😦 « Vivek Agarwal’s Portal/Java Blog[…]…

  109. ted7234889 said

    I just purchased at great expense a Dell Precison laptop for business and ….. suprise suprise it keeps freezing. There must be a common theme here.

    Anyone like to suggest where I should start, I have run the diganostic, it picked up some issues with the Parrallel port which I dont use and the USB ports. I checked to make sure I had the latest drivers for each.

    Not sure what to do next!

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