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Released myself from Vista hell – completed my upgrade to Win XP!

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on December 25, 2007

Yes, yes, and yes! Last week, I finally decided to admit defeat and upgrade to XP from Vista. The final straw in the coffin was Vista’s repeated propensity for killing IBM Rational Application Developer v7. Yes, RAD is bloatware in several respects, but Vista would also kill Windows Explorer repeatedly. You would think the O/S would be able to control a key component like Windows Explorer better. Anyways, I had it with Vista and reinstalled XP on my laptop. Whew! It is good to be back to a real Operating System that actually delivers acceptable performance.

Some of the performance benefits that I see on XP include –

  • The OOTB network performance is just fine. I can actually get all the bandwidth and throughput that my ISP provides.
  • When I attempt to startup VMWare Server on my XP laptop, I no longer lose access to my laptop for 2 full minutes  and more before it responds to a mouse click!

I did run into this minor issue with installing XP on my laptop that XP does not have drivers for SATA. So, I had disable AHCI (native SATA support) in the BIOS on my Lenovo 3000 N200 laptop during the install – yes, I could have hit F6 during the XP install and provided the relevant drivers but did not do so as I kind of rushed my XP install. Once, I completed the install, I wanted to enable AHCI support and found that caused the BSOD (blue screen) during XP startup. I had to disable AHCI support to get past this. I finally stumbled on HOW TO switch from IDE to AHCI mode without having to reinstall Win XP (GUIDE). I followed these instructions to the core (updated the registry, copied the driver, re-enabled AHCI, and rebooted) without issues.

It is good to be free! I hope you will learn from my experience and avoid Vista – stay with XP!

One Response to “Released myself from Vista hell – completed my upgrade to Win XP!”

  1. 90 percent of the time, I run in XP through a Parallels VM instance. On an Intel duo-core with hardware virtualization turned on through the bios the speed is even better than the hosting OS (Vista). As far as a total reinstall…that just seems like avoiding the inevitable. Or maybe not. I seriously doubt that my next OS will be Microsoft. Perhaps, the Mac is back – or maybe Linux. As if IE 7 wasn’t bad enough. Vista was the last straw for me. I spend hours supporting my wife who also struggles with Vista.

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