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Why are we creating yet another poll/survey JSR168 portlet for IBM WebSphere Portal?

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on December 14, 2007


Do we not have enough poll and/or survey portlets in the “IBM WebSphere Portal Solutions Catalog” that we (Xtivia) need to go create yet another implementation? Obviously the answer from my perspective is that at least one more is needed by the world! 🙂 The first and foremost reason for creating yet another poll portlet (YAPP) is that none of the existing ones are free – and I like free here!  Also, the team and I  wanted to have some fun building a potentially useful portlet that is generic in nature. So here we go launching the development of a polls/survey portlet that has full multi-lingual support, polls or surveys with multiple questions, multiple question types including multiple choice questions with radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-downs, questions with simple text entry responses, rating type questions (similar to Netflix Start rating model) and more. We will be looking to determine our distribution model for this portlet but I do expect to live up to the essential requirement of it being PRICE=FREE! I hope to share information about this development effort as the team makes progress – keep in mind though that this portlet will see functionality being built in phases over time as the team can make time for the development. I expect us to have the first version of this portlet ready by end January with a subset of the eventual functionality. And if you are interested in getting this portlet before our distribution model is ironed out, feel free to reach out to me!

September 8, 2008 Update: I apologize for this but after months of internal wrangling I still have not been able to work out the model for sharing this portlet, and being swamped with client facing work, I have had to pull the plug on sharing this portlet for now. I will revisit this when I can make some time.

19 Responses to “Why are we creating yet another poll/survey JSR168 portlet for IBM WebSphere Portal?”

  1. Bruce Haefele said

    Hi Vivek

    How WebSphere specific do you intend to make it? I grew up on WebSphere Portal and now do a lot of work in Liferay. Depending on the timing we may be able to contribute or at the very least provide a test environment for you.

    Contact me if you’re interested.


  2. Vivek Agarwal said

    Hey Bruce,

    I appreciate your comment and offer to help! I will certainly reach out to you and see how we can collaborate.

    As for whether we are making this polls/survey portlet WebSphere Portal specific – the intent is to keep it as generic as possible so that we can target it at multiple platforms including Liferay (which I like very much as well). However, our initial testing will be done against WebSphere Portal.

    I will email you!

    Regards, Vivek.

  3. Thulsi said

    Hi Vivek, Would it be possible that you can send me the poll portlet (with src). Thanks in advance


  4. Vivek Agarwal said

    Hi Thulsi,

    It is still in development and just to set expectations, the dev will be done in phases. The initial phase expected to be completed by the end of the month will only support polls with single multi-choice questions at the front-end (the back-end will be easily extensible and will have support for the more advanced survey type polls).

    We still need to decide on the licensing (it will be free to use for sure) and how we share it with the community. I will certainly update my blog when we have the first public release.

    Regards, Vivek.

  5. Thulsi said

    Hi Vivek, Greetings !. Could you give me your contact details (email / if possible contact phone). Thanks a Lot !

  6. Pavan said

    Hi Vivek,
    We have an IBM WPS installation (and a Jetspeed portal too) where I was toying with the idea of a poll portlet for our purpose. I would be interested in closely following the dev and offer to test (in jetspeed) and deploy it. Hopefully, you would fill in where Syncex couldnt with their poll portlet.

    How is this project shaping up?


  7. Rama said

    Hi Vivek
    We do lot of Portal Implementations (WPS & Liferay) inclusive of portlet development. It’s true that Poll & Survey portlet which was even shipped with WSE/WCS was too rudimentary. Infact we wanted to build the portlet but due to time constraints we ended up proposing 3rd party portlets. I would be interested to contribute for the development. Kindly include me in your mailing list on the downloads and info on the survey / poll portlet development, thanks

  8. Vivek Agarwal said

    A quick update on this development effort – it is delayed by a month, as various people were out sick and we had more urgent tasks come up. I am hoping that we will be able to focus on the polls portlet development starting in 2 weeks and crank it out by the end of February!

    Sorry for the delay!

  9. Vivek Agarwal said

    More bad news on this front; this development effort is pretty much on hiatus as various more urgent tasks get looked at. I have new team members starting up in a couple of weeks and hope to have them help revive this effort.

    Apologies to anybody waiting on this!

  10. Kaus said

    Hi Vivek,
    I am interested in helping to develop this YAPP. I am sure lots of people will get benefited out of it and expecting YAPP ASAP.
    Let me know if i can contribute on this development.

  11. Motasem said

    Hi Vivek,

    I appreciate your effort to develop the survey portlet.

    I have WP 6, and we are looking for a survey portlet. Can you please update me about the expected date to have the first version of the portlet.

    Thanks alot

  12. Eric said

    Hi Vivek,
    Any news on this surveying portlet? Will it be open source?

  13. Reigo Reinmets said

    Hi, i’m also very interested in this portlet. Haven’t found any free poll portlets for websphere portal, but i’m in a great need for it.

  14. Joseph Sánchez said

    I’m deploy portlets to Liferay and i don’t know how install on my Liferay portal & WebSphere 6.1. can you help me? Could you say me can be installed?


  15. Sanne Boshuizen said

    I’m looking for this too!

  16. Ian Burnham said

    Hi Vivek,

    I would be interested in trying it out when ready.

    All the best,…Ian.

  17. Christian Brosig said

    Hi Vivek,

    What is the current status of this projekt? Is the first version allready working? Is it possible to get the portlet?

    Thanks alot


  18. Keave POH said

    Hi Vivek,

    I’m interested in this. Would u be able to share?

    Keave POH

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