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WebSphere Portal v6 Global Deployment – Content Sync

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on November 20, 2007

Here is a quick update on content synchronization between 2 sites in a multi-master global deployment scenario. I had written sometime back about using JCR schema replication to ensure that WCM and PDM content synchronize between the two sites. This had initially seemed to work well during our mirror testing, but issues cropped up later.

Essentially, PDM synchronization seemed to work well with database replication in place with PDM updates performed on either site synchronizing to the other site without any issues. However, we found that as WCM content progressed through published and expired workflow stages it caused database replication errors to occur in the JCR schema replication. Inspite of significant efforts, we could not resolve this issue – it appeared as if there were some background tasks in WCM that were running on both the sites and were causing conflicts to occur. At this point, we decided to give up on database replication for the JCR schema.

We decided to use WCM syndication to synchronize WCM content between the two sites. While we did not have a great experience with WCM syndication in v5.1, we did not really have a choice. In limited testing, it does appear that WCM syndication in v6 is more stable.

However, there is no standard capability in WebSphere Portal v6 to automatically synchronize PDM content between the two sites. We are now looking at implementing this capability ourselves using the IBM content model API. The issue with the content API is that it does not enable us to retrieve the access control settings for PDM folders and documents. We are looking to get access to the unpublished IBM PAC (Portal Access Control) APIs to enable us to synchronize the PDM access control settings. I hope to write up our experience with implementing the PDM synchronization in another blog entry.

4 Responses to “WebSphere Portal v6 Global Deployment – Content Sync”

  1. Have you done the pdm synchronization by any chance we would like to implement it as well ?

  2. As you might know, PDM will not exist anymore in WPS v6.1 (IBM recommend to migrate documents in WCM).
    So my recommendation is not to invest too much effort in implementing this synchronization in v6.0.
    The good news is that if documents are stored in the WCM DB, you will be able to leverage the WCM syndication…
    In our case, we faced exactly the same problem between 2 portal sites: our approach was to stop using PDM, and replace it by a remote Document Management web application (Alfresco + WS interface). With this approach documents are centralized…no more need to synchronize…
    Another approach could be to use a shared Quickr instance…

  3. Vivek Agarwal said

    Thanks for your comment! I agree that using a shared document repository between the two sites is the way to go – building a custom PDM sync utility is too cumbersome and not worth the effort. In fact, our solution was exactly along these lines of a shared doc repository – we have used a combination of Quickr for team sites and a shared PDM library for the corporate intranet.

  4. Rajas said

    Hi,I Am new to WebspherePortal and WebContentManagement we have a requirement of content sychronization as the content moves through a workflow.The site contains the contents in two languages.Please Suggest how can we achieve this.

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