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Check out Project Zero!

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on October 16, 2007

I have been swamped lately and of course, my blogging has fallen by the way side. The last few days, I have been attending the “IBM Gold Consultant Briefing 2007” that is being held in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Information on Demand (IOD) conference. There have been a few key sessions with useful information – lots of SOA stuff, Web 2.0, and mash-ups. Something that I was vaguely familiar with earlier (i.e. had heard the name) but got more exposure to this week was Project Zero – this is a “community driven commercial development” project in IBM speak. Essentially that means that the user community has input on the project direction and functionality but it is built by IBM on a commercial basis. Also it is not free to use beyond a certain point – read more in the faqs.

Essentially Project Zero (lifted directly from the project site at introduces a simple environment for creating, assembling and executing applications based on popular Web technologies. The Project Zero environment includes a scripting runtime for Groovy and PHP with application programming interfaces optimized for producing REST-style services, integration mash-ups and rich Web interfaces. This whole thing looks very cool and interesting. Jerry Cuomo who I have met at the IBM Gold Consultant Briefings before and who is an excellent presenter, is the lead sponsor for this project.

Definitely worth playing with “Project Zero” and additionally seeing how as the user community we can influence the project – seems like a powerful and rather radical idea for IBM to embrace, but one that in my opinion makes sense. The community input is certainly something that is core to success in the open source space and I believe that it can be used to advantage in a commercial setting.

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