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RDC Tip: How do you transfer files between local/remote computers over terminal services?

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on September 28, 2007

I have always had a complaint against Windows terminal services (aka remote desktop connections) that you could not easily transfer files between the drives on the local and remote computers. Well, thanks to Claudio I discovered that my complaint did not have a basis in fact and it was just my ignorance.

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) does allow you to copy files to/from local/remote drives. To enable this, follow these steps –

  • Launch the RDC client
  • Click the “Options” button
  • Click on the “Local Resources” tab
  • Click on “More”
  • In the “Local drives and resources” popup, choose the local drives that you want to have access to on the remote computer.
  • Now proceed with the RDC as you normally do
  • Launch Windows Explorer on the remote computer and you will find your local drives listed as available drives on the remote computer; now you can copy folders and files in either direction to your heart’s content! Is that easy or what?

A huge thanks to Claudio for opening my eyes!

While I am at it, another quick RDC tip – you probably want to disable “Printers” as a resource (again on the “Local Resources” tab) that you want to access on the remote computer. If the remote computer cannot see your local printers, that will generate extraneous errors in the Windows Event log. I hope this helps you out!


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  1. Gaurav Kumar said

    “Clipboard RDC” is an open source cross platform utility that uses clipboard to transfer files much like we transfer text to/from servers in RDP. Go give it a try at

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