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How can I enable “change column width” on a WebSphere Portal/Quickr Page?

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on September 23, 2007

In WebSphere Portal v6.0 and Quickr Services for WebSphere Portal v8.0, the ability to set a Portal page column width is not enabled by default. I remember looking at it when WPv6 was released and was shocked that IBM had removed this capability. On looking at it further, I had realized that they had just not enabled it by default. I ran into it again with Quickr since it is based on WPv6 and having to recall what I had done to resolve the issue.

Well, I decided to write about it just so that I don’t have to re-discover it the next time I run into it. Essentially, the “Edit Layout” portlet that you use to edit a Portal page by default does not have the “Show Layout Tools” option enabled by default. To enable this option:

  • Navigate to “Site Administration”
  • Navigate to “Manage Portlets” page
  • Edit the “Edit Layout” portlet
  • Navigate to page 2 of the portlet parameters
  • Edit the “showAdvancedOption” value to “Yes” as shown below.

“Edit Portal Page Layout” Portlet Options

Once you enable this option, then you should be able to set the column width of the Quickr/WebSphere Portal page that you desire. You open up the relevant page layout in the “Edit Page Layout” portlet as shown below.

Edit Page Layout 1

Click on “Show layout tools” to get the view below where you can set the column width as you desire.

Edit Page Layout 2

That should do it!


5 Responses to “How can I enable “change column width” on a WebSphere Portal/Quickr Page?”

  1. Vivek 9008959900 said

    Came in to this blog post via Google Search and delighted to locate a working solution. Thanks.

  2. thanks a lot said

    thanks a lot

  3. Ravi said

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I spent a whole day and half figuring out how to show that tool. I almost gave up and then I saw this page.

    Keep sharing knowledge.

  4. Subhashish said

    I did the same for WebSphere Portal 7.0. It seems to be not working. Any ideas?

  5. Thanks for this resque. Just got to it through google search.

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