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Seem to have fixed my Windows Vista Network Performance Woes!

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on September 14, 2007

I just had a quick update on my Windows Vista issues in general, and my network performance in particular. As I had written earlier, since getting my new Vista laptop, I had experienced slow network performance compared to Windows XP computers with the same ISP connection. I had turned off auto-tuning by executing netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable on a command prompt run with administrator access. This had helped, but not all the way. I was still experiencing occasional issues with using network shares at work.

Well – I tried turning off Remote Differential Compression based on some reading that I had done. However that was to no avail. Then I went ahead and downloaded a Vista hotfix – The hotfix describes symptoms on a Windows Vista-based computer, wherein when you try to copy files from a server on a network, the copy process may stop responding (hang), and you may receive a message that resembles the following:

Calculating Time Remaining

0 minutes remaining

Well, this was very similar to what I was experiencing – so I went ahead and applied this fix. And voila, my performance went up dramatically – I started getting about 4-5x the performance accessing the LAN file shares.

Also conincidentally, just before I applied the fix, I was trying to burn a DVD using the Vista built-in DVD Burn utility and was it slow! 😦 Applying the 931770 hotfix seemed to improve the speed of burning a DVD as well. Of course, I don’t recommend that anybody else suffer through using the Windows Vista built-in burn utility – I switched to Nero myself!

Hopefully this is the last of my network performance issues on Vista!

One Response to “Seem to have fixed my Windows Vista Network Performance Woes!”

  1. My pc a dell wireless laptop that I have had for 3 weeks is CONSTANLY shutting down. popsup error connection to broadband and internet explorer is having problems and they will notify me??? like when I m dead? 100 time this happened yesterday. normally 80 times a day and thats just in 2 hours. is this common? I am new to pc and this has been a total nightmare. do I have to have them as my ??? my internet provider is windstream in nebraska. And BOY OH BOY did they lie to.

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