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I stand corrected on the ability to customize components in Quickr!

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on September 12, 2007

After my last entry, I went ahead and filed PMRs with IBM Partnerworld Technical Support about the limitations I had supposedly discovered. Today, I am writing about standing corrected on one of those limitations – the ability to add a component to the component catalog available to the team place manager. I was corrected by a co-worker (Derek) as well as by IBM support.

Just to make clear what I wanted to do is to customize the list of components that are available to a team place manager when the manager chooses to customize a Quickr place. The figure below shows a manager having the option of adding a custom component called “photo book” to the place.

Customized Component Catalog Dialog

Essentially the component picker is defined by a JSP inside the Quickr theme – /IBM/Quickr/wp_profile/installedApps/xxxx/wps.ear/wps.war/themes/html/QPG/pageHeaderContent.jsp. To add a new component, search for the div with an id of customizePage2. and add a list item with information for the new component –

<li><a href=”#” onClick=”javascript:showTeamSpaceAddComponentForm(“<%=MarkupUtil.htmlAttributeEscape(MarkupUtil.jsEscape(“Photo Book“))%>”, “<%=MarkupUtil.htmlAttributeEscape(MarkupUtil.jsEscape(“New Photo Book“))%>”, “<%= applicationID %>”, “wps.p.web.photobook“, true, nodesOnLevel, true, ‘photobook‘)” class=”picture”>Photo Book</a></li>

The information in italics will depend on the component you are trying to add – wps.p.web.photobook is the unique name assigned to the portlet that you are trying to define as a component.So, obviously this limitation turned out to be a non-issue other than the fact that IBM Quickr documentation could have been better – it could actually have mentioned the process for adding a component to the theme.

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