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Discovered a rather basic Quickr limitation today! :(

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on September 7, 2007

As I had mentioned in one of my earlier entries, I have recently become interested in IBM Lotus Quickr 8.0 Services for WebSphere Portal. It looks like a great team collaboration software with a very appealing Web 2.0 UI, ease of use for end-users, team site managers, and administrators, connectors for several popular business applications enabling access to Quickr content without a user having to switch from their current application, and team site templates enabling users to create new team sites in a few simple steps. However, today I discovered a rather basic Quickr limitation with respect to the customization you can do while creating templates.

Quickr Services for WebSphere Portal comes with a set of OOTB components – library, blog, wiki, announcements, project tasks, feed reader, and contacts. A team place manager can use these components to customize a place. I was looking through the Quickr documentation to find the procedure for adding a new component (for example, a custom list component such as faqs) to the component catalog available to the team place manager. However, suffice it to say that I was disappointed – I did not find any such documentation. It seems to be a fundamental limitation of Quickr as far as I can tell that you cannot customize Quickr by adding customer-built components. Not only that, on searching for component on the Quickr support site, I found this technote – Templates based on place components that use a customized presentation template. The gist of this technote is that if you create a template based on a place that contains a component using a customized presentation template, the customized presentation template is not used by any places based on this template. The default presentation template is used instead. Supposedly this is a known limitation of Quickr. I find this far from acceptable given the goal of making “place creation using a template” easy. If anybody from the Quickr team is listening, then both these limitations (customer created place components and templates that can use customized presentation templates) need some fixin’!

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