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HP Operations Dashboard does appear to be the answer!

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on September 6, 2007

I have spent a significant part of the last couple of weeks chasing down the right solution for integrating data from HP OpenView Operations (OVO), HP Network Node Manager (NNM), HP OpenView Performance Insight (OVPI), and HP OpenView Internet Services (OVIS). And I have finally settled on the HP Operations Dashboard!

The HP Operations Dashboard consists of two modules – the Operations View (OPV) and the Real-time Health View (RHV). The OPV enables you to create a single pane view into individual domain tools such as NNM, OVO, OVSN and others by selecting any of the out of the box Portlet views for the supported products – a limitation is that each portlet can only provide a view into a single product – i.e. an OPV portlet cannot combine data from more than one domain tool. The RHV enables you to stitch end to end infrastructure service views by leveraging infrastructure models in domain tools. You can use the RHV to consolidate event and performance information from domain tools to create health indicators for the infrastructure services that are of high interest to you. It can even look across into the helpdesk activities to understand how IT is responding to infrastructure health issues. Finally you can drilldown from RHV module into OPV module for complete details.

In our particular situation, OPV provides value in case of integration with NNM and OVO; however the OVPI integration is extremely simplistic and essentially an iframe. We could do that without investing in OPV. And the OVIS integration does not seem overwhelming either. However, all in all, there is value with the OPV portlets for NNM and OVO that makes me think that it will be worthwhile investing in OPV. We see this as the first step and once we have that in place, we will look at getting RHV going. I am sure I will have updates as we work with HP OPV.

2 Responses to “HP Operations Dashboard does appear to be the answer!”

  1. Hp OVO said


    it inclludes many operations and functions inside the dashboard… should explain more on this

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