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My basic mis-steps with VMWare Server hardware/networking and their solutions

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on August 29, 2007

This is a quick blog about some start-up issues that I ran into with VMWare Server during my initial experimentation with it. I also go into the solutions for these issues.

The first real basic issue that I ran into was that I wanted to add a hard disk to an existing virtual machine in VMWare Server, and when I clicked on Edit virtual machine settings, the Add button on the Hardware tab in the Virtual Machine Settings pop-up window was grayed out. This turned out to be a quick fix – essentially, the virtual machine was running and I could not edit the settings in that VM state – once I stopped the VM, I could change the hardware configuration on the VM to my heart’s content.

The next issue I ran into was that I could not simultaneously access the host machine from the VM and the VM from other machines on our network. My resolution for this issue (there might be other solutions as well) was to configure 2 ethernet adapters on the VM – one ethernet adapter was set up to be a NAT type network connection while the second adapter was set up to be a Host-only type network connection. Note that I also tried having a Bridged type network connection instead of a NAT type – that worked just fine in my office environment, but at home with my wireless router the bridged connection did not work out.

Another issue that I ran into was with accessing the hard disk on my host computer – this was not really a VMWare issue but a Vista issue. Essentially, I could not access the default admin share c$ as by default these admin shares are blocked for network access in Vista. You can find the workaround for this issue here.

These were relatively stupid and basic issues that I ran into – may not have run into them if I had read the docs but docs are for wimps!

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