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Finally success with resolving my failed Quickr 8.0 install!

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on August 25, 2007

Hey, my persistence finally paid off and I managed to resolve my failed Quickr 8.0 services for WebSphere Portal install! I could not go to sleep with this issue bugging the heck out of me. I started to dig deeper into the failure and found that during the install, it was trying to connect to the database at jdbc:db2:// And suddenly it dawned on me that maybe my issue was a potential port conflict at port 50000. Now I had gotten lazy when installing Quickr – I had decided to install it on a VMWare image where I had earlier installed Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM). I had created two ADAM instances – the first used the standard LDAP port of 389, while the second one was set up with a port that I could not remember but 50000 sounded suspiciously familiar. I tried telnet localhost 50000 and sure enough the connection succeeded. Then it did not take me long to verify that the second ADAM instance was actually listening on 50000. Shutting down the two adam instances and re-trying the install has got me well past the failure point (action-create-db-mp) and I suspect the install will now succeed.

However, this brings forth the issue that it would have been nice if the Quickr installer could check whether the ports that it intended to use were actually available of if there was a conflict. Even if it could not dynamically change the ports used by Quickr, if the installation error was more specific that would have avoided the pain I went through. It certainly would be doable for the installer to perform the port check and I think a worthwhile enhancement! 🙂 Now off to dreamland and playing tennis in the morning!

PS: which has been extremely reliable went down when I tried to post this at 1am in the morning! I am finally up from dreamland and so is WordPress. BTW, a quickr update that the Quickr install did complete successfully. Whew! Now onto playing with it on my own install instead of on Lotus Greenhouse (another blog entry merited).

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