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Installing WebSphere v6 server profiles as Windows Services – Limitations

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on May 25, 2007

Just a quick entry to highlight an issue I ran into with installing the deployment manager, node agent and WebSphere Portal as Windows Services on a WPE v6 cluster. I installed these processes as Windows services using WASService.exe – fairly straightforward running this. A sample command (for installing the Windows service for the deployment manager) is –

WASService -add dmgr -serverName dmgr -profilePath D:/IBM/WS/WAS/profiles/wps1
-wasHome D:/IBM/WS/WAS -configRoot D:/IBM/WS/WAS/profiles/wps1/config
-logRoot D:/IBM/WS/WAS/profiles/wps1/logs/dmgr -logFile startServer.log -startType automatic

However, when I would attempt to start the service, I would get the error – “Error 5: Access is denied”. A quick google search helped me track down this technote that essentially indicated that the issue was related to the fact that I was running the service as “Local System”. Changing the service to run with a specific user account resolved the issue.

Oddly enough, I had the exact same issue with installing IBM HTTP Server v6.1 as a Windows service. Changing from “Local System” to a specific user account took care of the problem for IHS as well.

I am not sure I understood all the nuances of why “Local System” does not work, but oh well – I just to want to move on …

4 Responses to “Installing WebSphere v6 server profiles as Windows Services – Limitations”

  1. Mohit said

    Hi, I am trying to start websphere server as window service.
    I tried above command from command prompt but i’m getting error: Failed to add service: The handle is invalid.
    Please give me solution.

  2. Rous Seausan said

    I saw the same thing and it worked after running it with administrator permission on the box.

  3. clacke said

    I had the same problem for another reason. After much googling and investigating I finally discovered that my anti-virus software (Sophos) had decided that creating services is “suspicious behaviour” and had blacklisted WASService.exe from doing so. Opening the Sophos console, going to the quarantine management function and authorizing WASService.exe did the trick.

  4. Nirav said

    I have tried it even with domain administrator login but still i am gatting same error.

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