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Shouldn’t things be easier with IBM WebSphere Portal vX than vX-1?

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on May 12, 2007

Here is a little philosophical entry of mine – don’t you agree that getting stuff to work the way you want with IBM products and specifically WebSphere Portal should be easier than it is? We have been working on a project to migrate a customer from v5.1 to v6, and we have run into various inexplicable issues. I am somewhat removed from the details these days, but seeing the basic issues that we have run into, I wonder whether with all the advancements in functionality that have come with newer versions of WebSphere Portal, whether the product has become brittler than ever before! I am curious to see what experiences other folks have had …

Some of the issues that my team has experienced include –

  • Portal Search Collections disappear randomly! What we have seen is that if the JVM terminates unexpectedly, Portal Search Collections that have been created earlier and been functional, will just plain old disappear as if they were never created! Absolutely insane to me that an enterprise product can have an issue like this!
  • Web Content Management (WCM) syndication has always been a sore point even with v5.1. With v6, we have spent significant effort trying to get content libraries syndicated from our integration test server to our staging environment, but without any success. Inspite of of all our efforts, in order to stop the bleeding we are going to have to do the content design artifacts migrated manually. Absolutely unacceptable!
  • The Portal startup time keeps getting worse – 5+ minutes of CPU time on a regular basis! And on our clustered environment, while our main node starts up in ~5 minutes of CPU time, secondary cluster nodes take 15+ minutes of CPU time for some inexplicable reason. I just don’t get it – IBM support agrees that this is not normal, but no progress in tracking the issue down!

I could add other examples including ones of things working right on one test server but not another for no apparent reason! All this makes me cringe about IBM quality and whether things are actually progressing in the right direction!

One Response to “Shouldn’t things be easier with IBM WebSphere Portal vX than vX-1?”

  1. Diego said

    I confirm to you tha PSE v6 has many problems in cluster environment. We have an open PRM with level 1 about it since 3 weeks. I hope they’ll be able to fix it asap.
    Regards, Diego

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