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WebSphere Portal v6 – Cloudscape Exception Workaround

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on April 19, 2007

A quick entry about an issue I ran into with an install of WPv6 on my laptop – this is a basic install with a out-of-the-box Cloudscape database. My WebSphere Portal install had been functioning just fine until this morning, when all of a sudden I found that while WP would start up “successfully”, when I tried to load the Portal in the browser, I would get an error that the portal is unavailable.

On looking at the WP SystemOut.log file, I found a bunch of Cloudscape related exceptions –

[4/19/07 11:31:14:512 WAT] 0000000a WSMM Message E DBAttributeCache init The following SQL Exception occured during processing: “java.sql.SQLException: Failed to start database ‘d:/IBM/WEBSPH~1/PORTAL~1/cloudscape/wpsdb’, see the next exception for details.DSRA0010E: SQL State = XJ040, Error Code = 40,000DSRA0010E: SQL State = XJ040, Error Code = 40,000

On googling for this exception, I found this technote that seemed related even though it was for WP v5.1. The solution listed on that technote worked for me beautifully – all I had to do is clear the tranlog directory and delete the database lock (*.lck) file from the Cloudscape database. Restart WP and everything was good again!

Given that it is a play install, I have no intention of digging into what caused the initial failure – I am just glad that I got it resolved in under 10 minutes. What would I do without google for resolving this and countless other issues?!


One Response to “WebSphere Portal v6 – Cloudscape Exception Workaround”

  1. kiran said


    First thanks for keeping such good information in your blog. Its very useful for many people.
    I have the same error and I have deleted the database lock file , unable to find the translog directory. Now the error is resolved but I am unable to login into portal, its giving the following eror

    EJPAK0004W: Login failed. Please enter a valid user ID and password


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