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WebSphere Portal v6 Global Deployment – WCM Update Issue

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on April 3, 2007

This post discusses an issue that we currently have with the WebSphere Portal 6 multi-master deployment project. We have configured database replication between the two sites for the release, community, customization, wmm, and icm (jcr) schemas. JCR replication had the same kind of issues that we had with WP v5.1, but the same solutions that we used there seem to be working on v6.0 as well; however, we have yet to do the disconnected testing for PDM to completely validate PDM operations in this setup. With just JCR database replication in place, we have had success with creating WCM artifacts on site 1, and having those artifacts show up on site 2 with only the caching delay. We have experimented with sites, site areas, authoring templates, presentation templates, workflow stages, content, navigation components, et cetera and each one of these artifacts has shown up on site 2 without requiring a WP restart and as I said earlier with just some caching delays – a very acceptable situation. However, what we found in the next round of testing is that if you create a content item on site 1, publish it on site 1, view it on site 2, then edit it on site 1, republish the item on site 1, and then attempt to view it again on site 2, you will not see your edits until you restart WP on site 2. This indicates that WCM content is cached in a non-time based cache that only gets invalidated on a WP restart or a content edit/publish action. I believe that for nodes within a cluster, WP takes care of invalidating the cache on all nodes in the cluster, but when you have 2 independent sites, the second site is not aware of the edit/publish action on the first site. I am still looking for a solution to this issue and will be back with an update once I have one.


2 Responses to “WebSphere Portal v6 Global Deployment – WCM Update Issue”

  1. barani said

    I want to know about how to deploy wcm on remote portal servers. pls advice me on that

  2. Daniel said

    The setup you are describing is a very interesting one as we have a similar scenario in a customer project I am working on right now. One issue we have found is one you are describing that the second site is not recaching as it is not aware of any changes to the first site.

    Did you find any solution to that?
    Also I am interested in knowing how you solved the actual replication, which database are you using and what tools for replication?

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