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WebSphere PMI/TPV Performance Issues

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on March 25, 2007

We were recently working with WebSphere Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI), PMI Request Metrics (PMIRM), and Tivoli Performance Viewer (TPV) in helping a client with some performance issues that they were encountering. These tools are pretty powerful in highlighting areas of concern and parameters that need or do not need tweaking. A must-have in your arsenal when you are troubleshooting performance or scalability issues in a WebSphere environment. A good resource for an introduction to these tools and their capabilities is an article titled Using IBM WebSphere Application Server Performance Tools at

However, when we were trying to use TPV over the VPN in this client situation we had significant performance issues with the tool that was supposed to help us in diagnosing performance issues! You would click on expanding a section in TPV, and have to wait several minutes before the UI would update to show the requested view. This essentially made it almost unusable – at the very least a significant exercise in testing your patience. Generally speaking our connectivity was more than acceptable as other applications including the WebSphere administration console did not exhibit similar issues. Any ideas on what can cause TPV updates to be as slow as 5+ minutes for each UI update? This was in a WebSphere ND v5.1 environment.

One Response to “WebSphere PMI/TPV Performance Issues”

  1. syalam said

    I am having some issues with TPV. I have enabled PMI on both the server and node agent, but it comes back and tells me I need to enable PMI on at least 1 server. Any thoughts?

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