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Disappearing serverindex.xml in WebSphere cluster

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on December 15, 2005

Had a weird issue crop up on a WebSphere Application Server v5.1 cluster – the deployment manager took it upon itself to delete the serverindex.xml on the clustered nodes on a full resync of the nodes. This started happening all of a sudden on a 2 node cluster – the odd thing was that the serverindex.xml for cluster node 1 would be deleted on cluster node 2, and vice versa on the other node. The consequences of this deletion were that WebSphere Portal that is installed on this cluster would fail to start successfully. We tried a variety of things but to no avail. Searched the forums and the IBM support site, but did not find reports of a similar issue by anybody else.

Eventually I gave in and implemented a workaround that is acceptable given the small size of our cluster. Configured the “File Synchronization Service” on the nodeagent to exclude */serverindex.xml from the synchronization of configuration data (you can do this in the administrative console in System Administration->Node Agents->Node->File Synchronization Service). Restarted the node agents with this setting, and voila – a full resync no longer deletes the serverindex.xml. The downside to this workaround is that we now need to manually sync serverindex.xml if it ever changes.

An odd issue this! Really ought to follow up with IBM support with a PMR, but cannot be bothered to do so at this time with the holidays coming up and a few more important things to wrap up!

4 Responses to “Disappearing serverindex.xml in WebSphere cluster”

  1. Dave Jones said

    We had this problem on Windows, but not AIX. In our case, the problem was because there was a file named “Copy of serverindex.xml”, which for some reason caused the problem you described. When we deleted that file, the real serverindex.xml was synchronized properly.

  2. Girish said

    That is exactly the soln — do not make or keep any backup copies in the same directory

  3. Vivek Agarwal said

    Thanks a lot, Dave/Girish! I think that was exactly our problem as well. 😦

  4. emurhfkq said

    people are stranger

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