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Final update on WebSphere Portal PDM Permissions Issue

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on November 2, 2005

Quick update to say that the WebSphere Portal Document Manager issue on v5.1.0.2 wherein non-administrative users were unable to create/upload documents to the document library has been resolved.  The solution was to assign the users (or rather user groups) the Editor role to the Virtual Resource > ICM_CONTENT_REPOSITORY. Once we had our test servers back up after the office move, it took all of 2 minutes to validate the fix. I am happy to move on, though I wonder why this change was introduced in v5.1.0.2. And of course, I wish that this was documented in the release notes in a more obvious manner.

We are still working on making PDM work in a dual-master environment – it continues to be a challenge with us shooting in the dark given that we do not know the implementation internals of this functitonality. However, there were a few positive signs yesterday – so hoping that they pan out and we can lay this to rest. With the basic PDM issues that we have run into and add the dual-master challenges, making PDM work for us has been kinda overwhelming!


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