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Update on WebSphere Portal PDM Permissions Issue

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on October 28, 2005

Have to say that the support I have received on the WPS Portal Document Manager (PDM) issue has been more than satisfactory – after submitting the bug report online, I got an email requesting all kinds of information. However, when I called the support engineer and explained that the bug should be easily reproducible on WPS v5.1.0.2 and that I would rather not jump through all the hoops if she could reproduce the problem, she did go ahead and reproduce the bug. And today, I had an email from her explaining that this is a problem with a new permission being needed in WPS v5.1.0.2 for users to be able to create document drafts or submit document drafts for approval. Obviously, IBM kinda’ forgot to document this in the Release Notes appropriately (there is some mention of this very obtusely – this is their description of the known problem –  Problem: Document Library pages may display a blank directory tree This problem occurs when browsing or saving a message to a document library.)

Essentially the workaround is to assign the users (or rather user groups) the Editor role to the Virtual Resource > ICM_CONTENT_REPOSITORY. Now have to try this out and validate it. We are moving offices and will have to wait till Monday to try it out on a test server. Looks promising!

Speaking of moves – they are a pain. Moved our lab/domain infrastructure servers ourselves – had a UPS pop out and were still having issues with the other UPS. Hope they sort out early on Monday. Cannot afford an extended outage! The cool bit with the move is that we got ourselves a foosball table so that I can get my butt kicked (as one of my co-workers eloquently put it)!

Au revoir!


2 Responses to “Update on WebSphere Portal PDM Permissions Issue”

  1. Joel Patrick said

    Thank you for writing about these real-world issues. I am finding all kinds of vulnerabilities in the IBM Portal product, splendid though it may be. Nice to find someone actually talking about them.

  2. Vivek Agarwal said

    Hello Joel,

    I appreciate your encouraging words. Over the years, I have seen WebSphere Portal get to be a better and more polished product. But it continues to be a challenge in several respects and I thought that I would capture my (and my team’s) experiences in the hope that this might help somebody.

    Regards, Vivek.

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