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Yet another WebSphere Portal PDM Issue

Posted by Vivek Agarwal on October 26, 2005

Encountered yet another issue with WebSphere Portal yesterday that we ascribed to user error, but finally today tracked down to being a new bug introduced in WPS v5.1 fixpack 2. The issue is in the Portal Document Manager component – once you enable the approval workflow (yes, I know that is pretty laughable but …), a non-administrative user is unable to submit a document for addition to the document library. In fact, the user cannot even save a document as a private draft – the user gets an error message “Access was denied while trying to import the document filename in the folder foldername“. Now will be busy chasing this bug down with IBM support. It is kinda frustrating to deal with as many WPS issues as we have – and what kind of support you actually get is the luck of the draw.  Sometimes it is good, and sometimes the lesser said the better. Hoping that this is a quick one to resolve since this did work in WPS v5.1 fixpack 1.


Since I did bring it up on the PDM approval workflow, the limitations include –

  • A single stage workflow that only supports one approver/reviewer group per document library. Since you cannot combine multiple document libraries in the document manager portlet, you either choose to use a single document library and are limited to a single document approver group for all your documents OR you use multiple document libraries (each with their own approver group), but then you cannot browse all the document libraries in one location.
  • Not a biggie, but once a user submits a document for inclusion in folder “X”, the submitter cannot view the document in folder “X”. It is only available in the “Submitted Drafts” view. Not totally intuitive!
  • Very much a biggie – if the reviewer rejects the document, there is no notification to the document submitter other than the fact that the submitter no longer sees the document in the “Submitted Drafts” view – instead, the document appears in the “Private Drafts” view. Very nice!

Now back to trying to make PDM work in the dual-master sites environment! Will just have to work with administrative users till we get a fix to this “non-admin user not being able to save documents” issue.


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